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I Am Anti-Rich But Not Anti-Money

I’m poor.  And I’m anti-Rich.

What does that mean?  It means I’m not anti-money.  I love money.  It gets me things.  Like what?  Well, for the dumbfucks who can’t figure that out, it gets me the basics:  food, shelter, clothing.  721 more words

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More Injustice: Left In the Dust by Those Entrusted to Lead

Our Political, Business and Religious Leaders Are

Ignoring Their Taxpayers, Workers and Membership

by Pastor Paul J. Bern

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Economic Inequality

The 99% 017: The US Election


Join Lucien and Michael for a special episode recapping the 2016 Presidential Election, from the debates and primaries to Donald Trump’s victory earlier this week. 99 more words

US Politics

The 66% 004: President Trump


Michael and Lucien are back to examine the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election. As Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton, horrifying the world and sending the US into four years of unpredictable political chaos, we take a brief look at how the election ended this way. 11 more words

US Politics

The 66% 003: Second Debate Recap


Lucien and Michael are joined by guest Barra Convery for a roundup of the latest US Election news.

– Trump boasts about sexually assaulting women in a leaked audio recording. 47 more words

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Why Are People Surprised By Trump's Rape Culture Behavior?

For the umpteenth time, we live in a Rape Culture.  Many people don’t understand what that means so let’s break it down.

Women are objectified on an hourly basis.  1,512 more words

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