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The 99% 013: Tackling Racism w/Teresa Buczkowska

Michael and Lucien are back with the thirteenth episode of The 99% Podcast!

– Michael returns from a weekend in Cambridge, and we speak of our accidental encounter with President Higgins. 111 more words

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What Does the Bible Say About the Role of Government?

Dispensing Justice and Promoting Healing

Are the Government’s Biblical Obligations

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

This week I want to write about why implementing single-payer national health care is so important, and what the Bible says about that. 1,545 more words

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The 99% 012: It's Only Castles Berning

Michael and Lucien are back with the twelfth episode of The 99% Podcast!


– Shane Kelly joins us this week to discuss Harry Potter’s eighth adventure and the launch of Instagram Stories. 108 more words

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The National Election and the American People -- On the Same Page?

One Web Pastor’s Biblical Argument on Why Sanders

Should Have Won, and What Would Have Happened

If He Did

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

With both of the conventions that nominated America’s next presidential candidates having concluded, I have already come to the conclusion that this year’s choice for presidential candidates is really no choice at all. 1,215 more words


The 99% 011: A House Built By Slaves

Lucien and Michael bring you the latest episode of The 99%, recorded the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia!


– We recap last week’s RNC, including Cruz and Trump’s primetime addresses. 142 more words

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Research: The 99

This TED Talks explains much about the 99 comics.

with DC’s Justice League

You can watch all 26 episodes (of season 1) for free on YouTube, HERE


The 1 Percent are 'In' and for Obvious Reasons

by John Brian Shannon | June 16, 2016

The 1 percent are already ‘In’ and for obvious reasons. Now, what about the 99 percent?

Widespread dissatisfaction among very large numbers of people is manifesting itself in various ways around the world. 1,130 more words