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We are the 99% -- Raise Your Voice for DEMOCRACY!

Most of our nation’s wealth and power is held by only 1% of the population – what does that mean for the rest of us? 228 more words


McDonalds Workers Protests: An emblem of hope?

It’s been a long time coming, but the unsettled workers of McDonalds have united to take on an emblematic employee backlash against the prolific fast food chain. 456 more words

Tell The Businessman To Go To Hell

I have always enjoyed Greg Gower’s parodies for the past 6 years. I thought about sharing this one, that this was 3 years ago, and that the  government has been bought  by corporations for years. 58 more words

Typical Big Bank Being Shmucks To The 99%

My buddy over at NYC Educator wrote about his story over at Chase, on when he deposited his checks and Chase cleared it for less and more than what the actual check was worth. 148 more words

30th - Let's make a Statement!

30th – Let’s Make a Statement!

Let’s make a statement that the mainstream media doesn’t control our democracy.
Let’s make a statement that you can’t buy an election. 72 more words

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HPTA Independence Day message

On the weekend before July 4th, 2017, the HPTA steering committee asked us to reflect on the significance of Independence Day for the citizens of the U.S., the meaning of democracy, and what YOU would be willing to do to protect these rights.

Watch HPTA Independence Day message

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