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Friday April 17

well this week has flown by all around me and I’ve been a lazy git around it I am now determined to get as much done as I can this weekend and today. 130 more words

The 99 %

The Hustle

Woke up to another broke day, what did I think that overnight my fortunes would change? Would a sudden glitch in a computer system or a friendly hacker log into the bank and deposit a sum u heard of in my world. 2,102 more words

The 99 %

Obama’s Financial Reform Just Made The World A Little Bit Safer For The Other 99%

Addicting Info

This is one of those stories that no one is paying attention to because it’s kind of wonky and complicated. But here’s the For Dummies version for people like you and me. 433 more words

President Barack Obama

#Kuwait #The99 and comics. On trial, for real. #AtoZChallenge

Some think of comic books as a joke and childish. You are about to learn differently. You are about to learn you are dead wrong. You haven’t read any of these yet? 1,177 more words

A To Z Challenge-Comic Creators Around The World

It's Now Politicaly Correct to Kick the Shit Out of Homeless People in Berkeley!

Just a little while has passed since my last post – and I hadn’t planned on writing any more tonight; but, I happened to see a Street Scene Magazine with the headline: 1,132 more words



The virgin maid leaves home with great expectations,

Ends up in debt for her high education,

Must learn to stomach her ripe indignation

And find for herself a reliable patron. 71 more words


The Lost Sheep

“If a man have a hundred sheep and one be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety nine and go into the mountains and seekers that which has gone astray? 530 more words