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Typical Big Bank Being Shmucks To The 99%

My buddy over at NYC Educator wrote about his story over at Chase, on when he deposited his checks and Chase cleared it for less and more than what the actual check was worth. 148 more words

30th - Let's make a Statement!

30th – Let’s Make a Statement!

Let’s make a statement that the mainstream media doesn’t control our democracy.
Let’s make a statement that you can’t buy an election. 72 more words

This Week's Wisdom

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Renewing America As Progressive Christians Should

The USA Is Becoming A Failed State:

Seven Simple Steps to Turn It Around

by Pastor Paul J. Bern

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Economic Inequality

The 99% 018: Suddenly It's Spring

Michael and Lucien are back with a new episode of The 99%, and we survived the cold, dark winter!


– Fine Gael leadership contest: will Leo or Simon make the better Taoiseach? 79 more words

US Politics

Minimum Wage: Who Exactly "Deserves" To Live In Poverty? Just Curious.

Minimum wage is a hot topic up for debate. The majority of Americans already support an increase—a whopping 66% support a $10 minimum wage, 59% support $12, and 48% support $15. 2,363 more words

I Am Anti-Rich But Not Anti-Money

I’m poor.  And I’m anti-Rich.

What does that mean?  It means I’m not anti-money.  I love money.  It gets me things.  Like what?  Well, for the dumbfucks who can’t figure that out, it gets me the basics:  food, shelter, clothing.  721 more words

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