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Worth less then a dog

I just watched a crime spree/car chase on the news from somewhere in California. A desperate young man jumps from one stolen car to go car jack another car in front of him. 753 more words

We The People

Radical accountants visit the city

Professor Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting, (Business School, University of Essex earlier spoke on “Tax Avoidance: The challenges posed by corporate elites” at the Birmingham and Midland Institute in Birmingham – and on… 369 more words


what the 1% get about equality the 99% will never understand

Lets be real clear on this America our once great nation was founded on the premise of equal opportunity NOT equal out come. That is the beautiful difference between America and the rest of the world and a main component of why we were able to become the richest nation this world has ever seen because we opened up to the reality that life is not fair so lets at least give every one a fair shot. 703 more words