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The worst things in life come free to us

Sempre que eu ouvia a frase “The worst things in life come free to us” da música The A Team do Ed Sheeran me via num paradoxo sobre como as coisas ruins vem de graça para nós, mas que não devemos pensar que essas coisas ruins acontecem fácil demais nas nossas vidas. 201 more words


Women & the A-team

The A-team will always hold a special place in my heart. But it was a problematic show, to say the least. The female characters were shoehorned into one of two roles: plot device or love interest. 740 more words

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Binge or Savour?

The Dukes of Hazard, The Fall Guy, Knightrider, Battlestar Galactica, The A Team, Magnum, P.I.  I remember watching all of these movies as a kid.  One thing they had in common with all TV of the time, I watched one episode a week for the duration of their time on TV.  259 more words

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Married teacher banned from classrooms for life over her affair with 18-year-old student

A married teacher has been banned from the classroom for life for having a nine-month affair with an 18-year-old student, whom she nicknamed ‘The A Team’. 272 more words


TV Heroes - Stephen J. Cannell

The first in a new, occasional series of side-blogs celebrating my heroes of television.  Those people who have, in some way or another, made an outstanding contribution to the medium.  382 more words

Would You Rather? Part 6: Spam, Porridge and Glass Houses

…would you rather go to jail for 4 years for something you didn’t do or get away with something horrible but spend the rest of your life in fear of being caught? 607 more words


The look says it all. Another successful event! This photo was taken by Peter Robinson of Postives from Negatives at this month’s Pure Fiction, the literary event I run with… 203 more words