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A year is a long time in autism


The other day I was having a meeting about potential freelance work.

As a home-based writer and editor I’ve had to try to become something of an expert at ‘kitchen table networking’ – horrible, trendy phrase that basically means pitching out what you do to all manner of people you meet in the expectation that some of them might be in need of words for websites or a bit of PR support or have a great story that they’d not only love you to pen for them but want to see in a magazine… (There’s more hits than misses, obviously!) 477 more words

Sunday Watch: The A Word

About a year ago I started volunteering with kids with special needs at the church I was going in Sacramento, CA. This experience was an eye opener to a reality that I hadn’t been exposed to. 360 more words

Tv Shows

A Boy Made Of Blocks

A Boy Made Of Blocks‘ is a wonderful and heartwarming read. Written by Keith Stuart, the story is told from the view of ‘thirty something’ dad Alex, who has recently split up with wife Jody and moved into his friend Dan’s flat. 129 more words


Growing up too slowly… or not

The thing about having a child with ‘the A word’ is that on the really tough days it can be hard to see beyond the things your child can’t do. 670 more words

The boy with the blue eyes

It’s been a shamefully long time since I blogged on here. Been prioritising the paying gigs and all that, but when I originally set up Neat Freak Mum I swore I wouldn’t be one of those writers who launches a blog and then lets it slowly peter out… So, anyway, hopefully it’s onwards and upwards from here. 830 more words

Hairdressing – With A Side Of Honesty

Since having kids one of my favourite things to do is going to get my hair done.

Yes of course covering the ever-thickening grey strands with a healthy dollop of artificial colour is a highlight (forgive the coiffeur humour!) but actually the best bit is sitting down for an extended period of time with people bringing me magazines and hot drinks. 797 more words