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Kim Jong Un Elected to Both SGA President & Vice-President

SIMPSON – In a surprise upset in the SGA elections, Kim John Un was elected via write-in campaign to both president and vice-president beating out Robert Lyons and Erica Heidler. 376 more words

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Quote for the day - November 24

“While part of the public can be controlled by the use of ‘terrorism’ scares and xenophobic hysteria, this doesn’t work for everyone”.

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Quote for the day - November 11

“Before any empire collapses, cracks will start appearing in its structure – and the current global industrial capitalist system is no exception”

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Campus Nurse Quells Panic of WebMD Diagnoses, Brings Health and Sanity to Campus.

Thanks to the reassurance that the campus nurse will, in fact, remain a permanent feature of Simpson’s campus (for the near future), Simpson College was able to narrowly avoid a serious and sudden outbreak of diseases such as Ebola and Smallpox. 412 more words

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Super Critter Ep. 4

This year, Simpson plays Central on Halloween… needless to say, Super Critter had to get involved!

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Around America... in 87 Seconds!

VIDEO: Here’s your weekly news in America brought to you by The Acorn in your favorite comedic fashion! If you like this, let us know and we might keep doing these videos. 14 more words

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