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Ticket Issued to Snow Pile Occupying Parking Spot

Simpson – After several weeks of going unnoticed by Campus Security, a campus snow pile that has long occupied a parking spot behind Buxton Residence Hall was finally cited for lacking a parking sticker. 161 more words

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Political Science Students Experience Painful Withdrawal After Caucuses

Simpson – Following a seemingly never-ending campaign cycle and an intense night of Caucuses, politically active students at Simpson College were disturbed to find that there was nothing for them to do, campaign-wise, this morning. 227 more words

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Endorsement: Simmons Promotes Traditional Simpson Values & Facial Hair

With a lack of viable candidates on either side of the aisle, one presidential candidate in particular has risen above the fray to become a unifying figure in a time of partisan polarization. 229 more words

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Simpson Professor Sacrifices Himself to Save Cable

Simpson – Cable will continue at Simpson College because of one professor’s sacrifice of his job and almost his life.

With the midnight deadline fast approaching for the cancellation of cable in Simpson’s residence halls, students were either renewing their Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu accounts or preparing to riot. 231 more words

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Quote for the day - January 7

“The system will always use the shock of terrorism as a psychological weapon with which to bludgeon the population into obedience”.

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Winter Oak books: … 13 more words


Top Moments of 2015 at Simpson College


So you’re probably wondering,
What’s Simpson been up to this year?
Well, not a whole lot.
We just announced you can get a degree by showing proficiency in Trivia Crack… 266 more words

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Quote for the day - December 26

“We are left, then, with the suspicion that there is a network of journalists and academics actively working to steer the ‘Left’ away from any criticism of the USA and the capitalist system it dominates”. 18 more words