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A more poetic life

The other day I found an old notebook — the 6×9 spiral-bound steno kind, green-tinted and Gregg ruled. All but a few pages had been summarily ripped out—cleanly, of course, with no paper detritus clogging up the spiral—so I was curious to see what made it worth saving. 359 more words

Sammitt Says ...


Just before the act there are two basic moods. If it’s the first time, the darkness of the room is rich with a pulsing, silent anticipation. 117 more words


The "self" - Part 1

Continuing to the next couple of pages of Chapter 3 of Shaun Best’s “A beginner’s guide to social theory”. (I have to break it down into a couple of pages at a time or I can’t take it in) 354 more words

Society And Politics

Alice In Wonderland

This was made for the cover of the program of The Actor’s Charitable Theatre’s Summer Camp. It has the spiral to signify the "down the rabbit hole" as well as an illusion that Alice In Wonderland is filled with.


In The Heights

I created this poster for The ACT’s production of In The Heights. It was the first poster I created using purely shapes to build with. I am especially proud of the bridge, as I had to draw and warp each line. 17 more words


Old Fashioned Southern Gospel Homecoming Dinner


I created these two posters for The Actor’s Charitable Theatre’s dinner theatre fundraiser. I designed it to look like it was for a traditional gospel show. 8 more words


Steel Magnolias

This logo was created for The Actor’s Charitable Theatre’s production of Steel Magnolias. This was my first character creation I made from scratch. This is part of a series I did for this current season that has square dimensions and minimalist design.