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Ads are annoying. So what does the ad industry do about it?

Ad-industry execs are well aware that ad blocking is bad for business. But they also know that consumers have whole-heartedly welcomed software that blocks invasive, annoying ads. 393 more words


2012 Marcom Predictions

Happy New Year! My New Year’s resolution is to get back to the blog, so why not start out with what I think the big topics in marketing, communications, marketing communications and other stuff are going to be. 827 more words

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Click the link in this post, seriously. #in

In an attempt to garner more attention for myself and gain big Twitter followers, I’ve devised a bit of a stunt. My first target is the creative advertising agency Mother. 103 more words

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New #Justice Video "Audio, Video, Disco"

You’ve been warned. This is the title track from the new Justice album. There will be at least ten ads that use samples from this record. I guarantee it.

Matt Koppel

Infographic Fail: AOL’s Big Waste of Money

Almost every week a media company will spend boatloads of money to have a companion piece mailed out with Advertising Age. This week, it was AOL’s turn. 611 more words

The Ad Business

Inbound marketing: a primer

I lost faith in the ability of traditional advertising to make a dent in most businesses years ago. The tipping point was probably when my boss strong-armed a client into producing a Super Bowl commercial. 782 more words

The Ad Business

The trust deficit

Does your company or brand earn your customers’ trust every day?  If it doesn’t, you’ve got problems that transcend marketing and marketing messages.

Think the Better Business Bureau is trustworthy? 509 more words

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