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The African Queen (1951)

“I don’t know why the Germans would want this God-forsaken place.”

‘The African Queen’, directed by John Huston in 1951, is an American adventure movie starring Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. 241 more words


The African Queen Bluray

One of the joys of being both a tech nerd and a film lover is that every once in a while you get to see one of your favourite films released in the best possible technical quality of the day. 927 more words


Review: Watch Your Back!, Part 2

“I’m a guy goes to the O.J. sometimes,” Dortmunder said, “and I thought you oughta know what’s happening there.”

“I’m here,” Otto Medrick told him, “so I don’t hafta know what’s happening there, I got family looking after it.”

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ClassicFlix (Teen Scene) - Review #10: The African Queen (1951)

From March 2015 to April 2017, I was writing the monthly Teen Scene column for the website ClassicFlix. My objective was to promote classic films among teenagers and young adults. 1,102 more words

Film #621: The African Queen (1951)

I’ve talked a lot about Oscar records in relation to the directors on this list and next up we come to the man who still is recognised as the oldest man ever to be nominated for Best Director. 950 more words

Best Director

Katharine Hepburn - The Making of the African Queen

Honorary Allnut Fix:

Don’t be fooled by the title – the only person responsible for Hepburn’s near-loss of sanity was John Huston. If Hepburn’s to be believed, the least important components of this film for Huston were, in order: The script, the wardrobes, and the actors. 666 more words

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