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giving it over

Teresa Wunsche

I have to admit, this past trip had me more anxious that previous trips.

We were embarking on truly sensitive territory – entering a village that has never hosted a mission team before and had a tentative, but volatile relationship with the Samaritan Foundation. 220 more words

The Aftermath

always uplifting

Henry vanDoorn

This is my second mission trip so I knew a little bit of what to expect. Having said this, when we went to the job site Monday morning, it was not what I had envisioned, but as we got started I knew we had a big job to start. 168 more words

The Aftermath

Zöe Keating

The drugs have worn off, the glitter has faded. This took years, but yes, it finally happened; I exhausted myself on EDM. My musical senses are over-synth’ed, out-based. 103 more words

The Aftermath

the children

Marilyn Miedema

The highlight of my trip was definitely the children.  They just craved our attention.  When we went inside a building to tour, they would be waiting for us when we came out, seeking out the same person they were with! 173 more words

The Aftermath

Dealing with the Aftermath

I’m not a psychologist of any kind. I have no great insight or magic cures. In fact I’m right in the middle of trying to work this out for myself right now. 1,165 more words


The Aftermath - rumblings of something new.

We’re tinkering with a new story. Actually, it’s been around for years (since the beginning, basically) but we haven’t been able to get to it. It’s tentatively titled “The Aftermath: Halfway’s Folly.” 39 more words

getting dirty hands

Wally Zandberg

I am so glad I took the opportunity to go on this Mission Trip, it was my first.

My concern or fear leading up to this trip was: “How can I make a difference and what would the work look like?” I wanted to get my hands dirty. 337 more words

The Aftermath