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Living Memories ~ Mom's Birthday

As many know, today is my Mother’s Birthday. This day always feels strange to me. A yearly reminder of how young she was when she died. 372 more words

The Aftermath

After the Assault

Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people struggle with a variety of unseen things throughout their day, but I don’t feel like the majority understand what I’ve gone through. 1,024 more words



A funky foursome from a dorm room in Ohio, Sports are the hot ticket in dream pop.


Catching fire since the release of Naked All the Time… 16 more words

Chayed Out

Song Lyric Sunday: Peace - 'The Aftermath'

“War is over and battles are gone
After the war no one has won”

Well, this was a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. 345 more words


T.E.G. Act II Chapter 0.1: The Aftermath

He left the others behind, running from the city while the rest fought for their lives. With a stumpy half-orc on his back, he pushed through the scorching hot desert sands straight to the North. 1,142 more words

Short Stories

Moving on

Just had a meeting with my social worker Sarah. Shes reaallly helping to sort my mess of a life out

I feel free again and it’s all down to my little bro, who stepped up and spoke out cos he was worried about me. 246 more words

The Aftermath

Rocky Mountain Moments

My rather impromptu Colorado visit landed me in Rocky Mountain National Park once again, a few days shy from a year after my first go-round. Back then, I trod eagerly through many sections of the park, exploring multiple lakes, ecosystems, and wildlife via a wide variety of hiking trails. 201 more words

Mountain Time