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Better Days Behind

Whethan VS Oliver Tree – When I’m Down

Chayed Out

The Aftermath

Loaded with Codeine for the pain, I lay in the hospital bed wishing someone would turn the light off. I don’t remember much about the rest of that day but after a conversation with the doctor in which she insisted on the sleep inducing narcotics, it was clear they knew something I didn’t! 1,525 more words

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A New Year and a New Series: The Aftermath

Happy 2017 to all readers of the Cool Shirt Guy blog.

With it being a new year; I figured I’d try my hand at a new series: “The Aftermath”. 319 more words


The last, but not the end.

So it is the final chapter of the year. This shall be the last of 2016, but it won’t be the end.

It’s funny how you start a year with someone and by the end, they have become complete strangers. 688 more words

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Poison Air

With each inhale I thought of you

Hoping that with every breath of a different air would haze the dying yearn of your touch

You beckon my soul like the moon the ocean craves…

52 more words
Chapter 2016

Enter the mind of an addict. Watch your step, it's a bit rocky in here.

“Welcome, step right in and follow the path! ┬áSTAY ON THE PATH! If you stray, everyone will leave you, you will not be happy, you will lose a lot of weight, you will give up on life, you will eventually die, you will hurt yourself, you will….” 1,124 more words



I should’ve known.
I should’ve known when my heart skipped a beat everytime I heard your name.
I should’ve known when my eyes lifted whenever I saw your face. 142 more words

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