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Moving on

Just had a meeting with my social worker Sarah. Shes reaallly helping to sort my mess of a life out

I feel free again and it’s all down to my little bro, who stepped up and spoke out cos he was worried about me. 246 more words

The Aftermath

Rocky Mountain Moments

My rather impromptu Colorado visit landed me in Rocky Mountain National Park once again, a few days shy from a year after my first go-round. Back then, I trod eagerly through many sections of the park, exploring multiple lakes, ecosystems, and wildlife via a wide variety of hiking trails. 201 more words

Mountain Time

A Mile High (and more) Once Again

I couldn’t resist fitting in one more outdoor trip before heading back into full time teaching. All 47 parks had been successfully checked off the list, but I jumped at the opportunity to revisit the Rockies. 236 more words

Mountain Time

Big Clean, issue 6, pg 3

Yo! Working on issue 6 again. More pages soon.

An Old Friend

And when Death finally knocks upon my door,

I shall greet him as I would an old friend.

I shall take his hand and say, 142 more words

The Aftermath

We're Not Gods

Travelling among
The embers of
I kiss
The dream of

Blackened and
My feet walk
A path
Scorched by
The torment of… 145 more words


Day 336 - It's a boy (12 weeks ago)

Hi! Lots of awesome stuff happened

Wife ended up with a C-Section because the baby was breech

He was awesome and adorable from the start… 79 more words

The Aftermath