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Forest of Green

I don’t think I could ever understand the feeling I feel every time I look into your eyes; so deep like the forest but yet so bright like a summer field. 106 more words

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Heavy Metal Announcement!

Great news! Looks like Heavy Metal recently announced that they will be publishing The Aftermath: Big Clean via their independent line, starting in August!

Woohoo! 97 more words

One voice (Adam's diary)

I did get my cr*p together in the end. Hard to believe what happened to me, easier to think that it didnt than admit what I went through. 161 more words


What Would Be Explained

There are a number of things about myself that would be explained by the hammond being a serial killer. Some are obvious and some are subtle. 343 more words

The Aftermath

Building bridges

I went home this weekend and somehow ended up spending some time with Alice. It was like being with the old Alice, my lil sis, before all of the crap happened. 169 more words



So every time I go home from uni, Alice is there looking miserable. I go into a room and she’s there with Mum. She looks like she’s been crying and they both shut up when I’m there. 161 more words


How not to deal with CSE

So the fact is I didn’t deal with it well when I first found out what has been happening to Alice. The children saw me cry and they never see me cry – I’m their Dad, right? 388 more words