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Editor's Note

Hey, all!

The end of the vacation draws closer and we hope you have all had the time to shake away the struggles of the previous year and dream for a while. 213 more words


A Slap In The Back

Summer vacations are an amazing time for self-reflection. Summers are also a great time to catch up with the shows. Then there are these rare occasions when a show drags you into a prolonged state of contemplation, which is also great in summer, because there are no repercussions and time is your bitch. 1,970 more words



The reason I’m still writing this article:

Some time before I was born, while we were still living in the States, my mother walked a few blocks, I forget now the specific number, to buy a set of Beatles CDs because they were on sale. 959 more words

Pop Culture

Summer Woes Like Boredom

Ba Dum Tsss..*

Enter Summer, that ‘thing’ that you always sorta wanted, but you never really knew what to do with. Now readers, many may disagree,  but Summer is a bitch – you fall for ‘it’, but it is not really into you, it just wants you for the sex and when it leaves you, you feel like shit. 1,646 more words

Dreams And Dreamers


Working in the cramped old cubicle,

Searching through some Codes and Documents,

Found a photo of my batchmates,And so,

Was flooded by these rivers of moments. 195 more words

Dreams And Dreamers

The Five Stages of Summer

Because I’ve had a lot of people tell me the worst way to start an article is using a quote, I’m going to do just that. 1,007 more words

College Rant

A Rather Peculiar Decision

*Refresh* *Re-enter credentials* *Submit*

*Refresh* *Re-enter credentials* *Submit*

*Refresh* *Re-enter credentials* *Submit*

…and there they appear, a couple of digits. Something you would’ve worked for, for years or maybe just months. 1,373 more words