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Oh no - it's Monday!

You could have heard a pin drop in the support vehicles as they approached Melbourne – not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. 327 more words

The Aftermath

The after party!

Well … the party started at Port Fairy when the teams started to roll across that finish line.

And that magnificent Team 89 came in faster than expected in an orderly 2×6 line – perfect formation! 124 more words

The Aftermath

They just keep on going ...

Well the riders are done but the support crew have only just made it to Port Fairy.  They still have to get everyone (and the bikes) back to Melbourne! 308 more words

The Aftermath

Gabriel Garzón-Mantono - 6 8

When Drake dropped a flashbang of a mixtape a few weeks ago, listeners with a sympathetic ear were stunned. In many parts of North America, and especially in the infamous  558 more words

The Aftermath

6 Years Today

The world moves faster than ever, each year fuller and longer, yet somehow short all at the same time. Like many of the previous years, I don’t have much in the way of new things to say. 1,453 more words

The Aftermath

A bump in the road

I had a really good day today at work.

After work today, I was inspired. The last few days have been struggle for me. I’ve had a hard time defining why. 761 more words


My love addiction

“Love addiction causes a person to continue “using” and “craving” even though the substance (person/relationship) to which they are addicted is unavailable, causes them pain or is abusive, the relationship is hurting others, and causing the “addict” to neglect his/her own health, family, and other parts of life. 296 more words