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The Worst

You’re not sure where you are with someone when you know where you want to be.

And left stuck on wondering if you’re on the same page when you don’t know if you’re even reading the same book.

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All I wanted was ribbon.

I almost lost my mother. I saw her unresponsive in the hallway with one eye opened and her tongue hanging out while my husband tried to make her breathe. 1,061 more words

Brain Aneurysm

Just because I miss you, doesn't mean I love you

‘Do you miss me?’, she asked with tears threatening to spill.

‘I miss your laugh. I miss the way you hug me like you’re scared to let go.

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I hope you remember that darkness only exists because light exists.

I hope you find yourself.

I hope you fall in love again.

I hope you remember happiness exists.

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Every Cloud... the aftermath

Woah, a sailboat on Monterey Bay, Matt on NotWordpress.  The clouds, the California clouds.

Every Cloud…  is the story of an abortion.  It is a pro-Life book. 310 more words


So maybe your first mistake was thinking that they could be your entire world, your entire universe. You let your soul enrapture theirs then letting them dangerously intertwine with one another. 275 more words

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I couldn’t love you the way you needed, so I gave it to the hands of time. I didn’t have the courage to give you my whole heart and you wouldn’t let go, so I left it to the blur of the winds.

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