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So what now?.... part one

I find it hard not to talk about the past with this whole thing… I feel like where I came from is important. The problem I had was repeatedly making the same mistakes and no matter how much I am trying to look to the future and not dwell, it seems important to be mindful of what happened and to learn from my past mistakes. 1,091 more words

The Aftermath #1 SELLS OUT!

And we got a second printing! Woah!!

Never expected that… Thanks to everyone, new and old, for the support. And CONGRATS to all the creators under the Heavy Metal banner that sold out, as well. 9 more words

Been a while!

I thought I should post letting everyone know that issue #1 should be in stores/shipping on or around the 7th. I’ve been putting a ton of extra effort into the art for the issues. 55 more words

Nothing is more beautiful than being awoken slowly in the morning everyday with you cuddling me in your arms and listening to your soft whispers telling me how beautiful I am and how much you love me.

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Storytime Presents: 1 Week After Surgery, the Highs and Lows

Disclaimer: The following presentation includes graphic images that are not advised to viewers under the age of fourteen. If you have a strong stomach, stay. If not, prepare yourself, or turn back before its too late. 511 more words

Kitchen Disasters, The Aftermath

An Apocalyptic Love

The love that ENDS, TERMINATES all things living, ours!!!

An apocalyptic love, that, is what we’d, come to “share”, loving one another, only caused us, more and more harm, and we’d become, too damaged by one another, to ever get fixed again. 133 more words

Experiences Of Life