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An Open Letter To Eric Abetz

The debate here is over. 72% of Australian’s support marriage equality.  That is an overwhelming majority. Australia doesn’t need another debate on marriage equality, we don’t need more Q and A discussions, we don’t need more opinion pieces in newspapers, we don’t even need a conversation anymore, what we need is change. 244 more words

The Age can’t trust its Abbott-hating ears

The Age can’t trust its Abbott-hating ears.

The Age SHOULDN’T trust its Abbott-hating ears.

A little fact checking … or a cotton bud … might have helped them avoid printing an ear wax quality story.

Andrew Bolt

The Saturday Age 06-12-14: Reg Mombassa admits it hasn't been easy staying young and edgy by Sonia Harford

After 30 years, will the beer trees and farting dogs of Mambo defy middle age? Or are love handles appearing around Australia’s most notorious surfwear brand? 147 more words


How does a community heal?

Almost a year ago, a community I’m connected with lost a young, beautiful family of 5 on a plane over Ukraine in the most horrific circumstances. 560 more words

Opinion piece by Elizabeth O'Shea on The Age

There’s an excellent piece by Elizabeth O’Shea, a human rights lawyer, regarding alleged payments by the Australian government to people smugglers. “Abbott’s efforts to stop the boats by hook or by crook harm Australia”. 312 more words

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Fairfax Big Picture Competition 30th May

Our visit to Venice in 2014 was one of the most memorable experiences our family had. What a unique city to visit, full of canals and grandeur. 63 more words

Big Picture Competition

Social Infertility 

Or as The Age put it this past weekend ‘putting motherhood on ice’.

I love, I adore the age. But every Saturday when I sit down to the Good Weekend I am bombarded with sad, sappy, empowering but also failed hope giving stories of ‘women of a certain age’ who have left the run to late and to use the same turn of phrase as Professor Gab Kovacs ‘the horse has bolted’. 967 more words