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Hard Work Pays Off?

Before I start this piece I just want to clear something up.

In this day and age, the majority of the population is of the opinion that anything a man can do, so can a woman right? 626 more words

Sam Lane

Francis James – the long stumble to freedom

On 16 January 1973 Australian Francis James emerged from three years’ imprisonment in Canton (now Guangzhou) with just a brief announcement from China to herald his expulsion to the border and into the waiting arms of Hong Kong and Australian officials. 803 more words

Hong Kong Deadline

Fairfax Big Picture Competition 16th May 2015

Our visit in 2014 to Copenhagen, Denmark in summer was warm and full of ‘hygge’ meaning cosiness. There were plenty of festivals, families having bbq’s in the parks and eating, drinking and basking in the sun along the canal. 46 more words

Big Picture Competition

Fairfax Big Picture Competition 15th May 2015

Our stay in London in 2014 would not have been complete without a ride on the London Eye. At 135 metres high we had a glorious view of the city overlooking Westminster Palace and the river Thames. 34 more words

Big Picture Competition

Learning lots

Some how this morning I got a free advertising adblock (opens in new window) app from one of my surfing trips, it’s great!

Now I am playing with Diigolet in Safari!! 50 more words

Is gender still an obstacle in gaining employment in the AFL?

Today there are many successful female AFL journalists, however there are many aspiring journalists who believe their gender is preventing them from gaining employment.

The Age chief football writer Caroline Wilson is considered a role model for many aspiring female journalists, but her success hasn’t completely helped all females. 161 more words


China Watching masterclass: Why was Francis James in jail?

Why would the Chinese detain Francis James, a man long regarded in Australia as being sympathetic towards China and North Vietnam? That was the question posed by the Big Baxter in the final part of his series for The Age newspaper in Melbourne in 1971, which we’ve been revisiting as an example of the arcane art of China Watching. 846 more words

Hong Kong Deadline