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Trump is the latest post-9/11 rights snatcher!

From Slate here:

We cannot allow Mr. Trump to normalize the idea that he is the ultimate arbiter of our rights.

This is a statement by Mr.

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Bernie Sanders shows some respect to the Snowden!

From the Guardian here:

Bernie Sanders leads a chorus of prominent public figures calling for clemency, a plea agreement or, in several cases, a full pardon for the National Security Agency whistleblower…

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Shouldn't the Spooks be hack proof??

From the Daily Beast here:

The NSA was hacked, according to documents in Edward Snowden’s possession, The Intercept reported Friday. A hacking group that calls itself “ShadowBrokers” announced that it was selling “cyber weapons” made by the agency.

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It's all backwards and shit with the Spooks!

From here:

A Central Intelligence Agency Inspector General’s report released Tuesday claims that an inmate who was shackled naked to the ground and repeatedly tortured “contributed” to his own death.

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You want to hear a good joke?

From here:

The CIA has “mistakenly” destroyed the sole copy of a massive Senate torture report in the custody of the agency’s internal watchdog group…

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In addition to voting for a woman, this is what your Clinton vote has purchased you!

Very pro-Wall Street economic policies.

More jobs shipped out overseas.

Constant low level conflict with Russia.

Unquestioning support for Israel’s occupation.

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