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The Bomb in The Cookies

Sometimes I commit to something without thinking.  I don’t do this presumptuously, and neither is it an act of carelessness.  I do it because if I stop to linger and examine every what-if or possible outcome, I would never follow through.  3,707 more words


The Airborne Toxic Event, "Sometime Around Midnight"

“And it starts
Sometime around midnight
Or at least that’s when you lose yourself
For a minute or two

As you stand
Under the bar lights… 233 more words


"Wrong" by The Airborne Toxic Event

I’m gonna be stuck at my desk for most of the day doing math and science which is not always as fun as the memes make it seem so here’s some music that I like.


The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event

ARTIST: The Airborne Toxic Event 

TITLE:  The Airborne Toxic Event



SINGLES: Gasoline, Sometime Around Midnight (#115 US, #4 Alternative, #23 Rock, #33 UK), Wishing Well (#21 Alternative, #49 Rock), Does This Mean You’re Moving On… 205 more words

Grade: B

TATE Denver: A One Time Thing

By Glen

Heading into last night’s appearance by The Airborne Toxic Event at Denver’s Not So Silent Night, it seemed likely the gig would be a welcome but ultimately unremarkable blip in the midst of an extended break for the band. 634 more words

A Little Less Profound

Toxicity 88

By Glen

In case there was any doubt that The Airborne Toxic Event meant it when they said in late October that they were going quiet, we did not have cause to write a single issue of Toxicity during the month of November – the longest break we’ve taken in over two years. 907 more words