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Four Obstacles to Finding One's Calling, According to the Author of The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, believes we each must find our personal calling, i.e. the reason God put each of us here on Earth… 192 more words

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This book seems to be on tons of must-read lists that I find and after reading it I can understand why. Paulo Coelho tells the story of Santiago, a shepherd boy, who pursues his own… 507 more words


I Needed to Re-build a Relationship With This Five-letter Word, Do You?

An inquiry I’ve had for some time now:

“Where did I learn that I couldn’t trust myself? And how can I not only re-build that relationship with myself, but make it as rock solid as possible?” 541 more words

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho- my favourite author

Paulo Coelho’s life may well be itself worthy of a homely book. During his adolescence he was committed three times to a psychiatric hospital by his own parents, who believed that his rebellious attitude was a sign of madness; it was under such parental guidance that he was there subjected to the horrors of electroshock therapy. 612 more words



​An aura so bright to pierce the stillness of the soul and its impenetrable hollowness, was now an impending wish lingering in his eerie mind to stay away from succumbing desires and follow his withering conscience paralysed,captured within the clutches of isolation and time. 273 more words


Paulo Coelho

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Vào một buổi xế trưa, nhân dịp về nhà thăm cha mẹ, cậu thu hết can đảm nói với bố rằng mình không muốn trở thành linh mục, mà muốn đi đây đó… … 627 more words

Classy With Me

Having a Bad day?

We all have some days on which we don’t feel of doing anything other than sitting in the corner of the room and get driven by our evil mind towards the darker side of our thoughts. 315 more words