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The Pursuit of One's Personal Legend

Upon recently finishing The Alchemist, I was deeply inspired to identify, define, and pursue what Paulo Coelho calls one’s own “personal legend”. I followed along the formless/enticing journey of how the boy persists in pursuing this legend – this ill-defined, ever mysterious, ever trying, ever frustrating reality – that he was to grasp and possess as his own; 1,102 more words

DOOM- "Doomsayer" [Prod. The Alchemist]

May this run of DOOM loosies from Adult Swim’s Missing Notebook Rhymes series never end. May we continue to hear about hip hop’s sole supervillain driving innocent civilians to hari kari with his rhymes. 103 more words



If you know me you will be aware that this book is like my best book I love the because it was talking about a young shepherd that usually have that recurring dream that his treasure was in Egypt and to go look for it and then he embarked on the journey and followed his dreams and on his way he met a lot of people and had different experiences.   519 more words

The Alchemist

On This Day Mobb Deep Released "Murda Muzik" - 18 Years Ago

I’m a bit late to post, but it was quite a long day.  Nonetheless, one of my favorite albums of all time was released 18 years ago(August 17, 1999) in the form of Mobb Deep’s “Murda Muzik.”  The album was nothing less than what their brand and staple represented.   58 more words


5 reasons why I’d never get a Kindle

Okay, before you tell me all the reasons why I’m nuts and how I can easily have access to a plethora of books at my finger tips and how it’s antiquated to carry around books, let me forewarn you that my mother did say I was special. 1,025 more words