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Movie Monday: The Amazing Spider-Man(Short Film)

Spider-Man has a fan base all over the world. We sometimes forget that. This short shows that no matter what language or country the web crawler has many fans. 79 more words


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - "Let's go catch a spider."

You know what it feels like right now? It feels like all we’re ever getting from the studios are sequels, prequels, reboots, remakes, re-adaptations and so on. 778 more words


The Amazing Spider-Man - "There's rumor of a new species in New York..."

Comic book characters can build a huge legacy for themselves spanning nearly all forms of media. It’s not surprising that a few of them eventually have more than one different feature film interpretation under their belt. 723 more words


Andrew Garfield Speaks Out On New Spider-Man

With Disney’s D23 Expo well under way we’re expecting a barrage of Marvel Studios news to hit us within hours. Spider-Man, thanks to a deal between Marvel & Sony will be becoming a fully fledged Avenger fairly shortly. 346 more words


Top Selling Comics For Each Month in 2014

The comic sales numbers, collected by ComicChron, are a great way to see how well comics are doing as a whole, which companies and types of comics are doing well, and, of course, what comes out on top each month.  386 more words


Renew Your Vows No. 3: Dan Slott's tale of darker Spider-Man hamstrung by lame villain Regent

Issue No. 3 of The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is out, and fans get another dose of Peter Parker doing anything to protect his family. 478 more words