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The 'Alright' Spider-Man

For this review, I’ve chosen a movie I dislike instead of a favorite of mine. Why not shake things up a bit? Said movie will be “The Amazing Spider-Man.” This has already sparked controversy between me and my friends, who are pretty big Marvel fans. 471 more words


Great Power, Great Responsibility...we know this song

Houston, we have a Spidey!

His name is Tom Holland. He’s been in a couple of things. He as Billy Elliot on The West End. He is 19 years old. 201 more words


The Director's Dilmma: Stick With Indies or Leap to Summer Blockbusters?

It’s happened again. An indie director with little feature-length film experience has been given the keys to a big budget movie. To some, it’s a case of “Another one bites the dust.” To others, it’s more of an honest “I’ve never heard of this person before.” 2,366 more words

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Tom Holland is Spider-Man's New "Hat" At A Time When I Wanted a Lisa Lionheart

These are strange, yet eventful times for Spider-Man. First, Gawker revealed that as of 2011 Marvel’s licensing rules for Sony insisted that Spider-Man be a non-smoking, non-drinking heterosexual male who does not kill or torture and rarely uses swear words. 1,819 more words

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More Leaked Sony Emails Have Marvel Trashing ASM Films!

What a mess these hacked/leaked emails have created for Sony, but with their downfall we now have Spider-Man back with Marvel (who has recently cast Tom Holland as their Spider-Man) and with that a massive wall has been knocked down between rivaling studios and could lead to them partnering up for many years to come.   544 more words

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Remembering James Horner

It is with sadness I write that film composer James Horner was killed in a plane crash at age 61.

You know those moments in movies that become instantly more powerful because of awesome music? 92 more words


Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man "Renew Your Vows" - Issue 001

This weeks Amazing Spider-Man was really good. It’s the life that Peter Parker always wanted – the life with MJ (Mary Jane); his married and has a little girl named Annie. 454 more words