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Musing: When the Public is Rude (+ a Book Talk)

Sometimes the general public is rude, and frankly, I’m shocked at all the bad behavior I see. Manners are no more.

Like this example. The other evening, I attended a book talk by the author Steve Berry. 1,267 more words


Cathedral Monstrosity

Popular author T. Davis Bunn has a unique way of weaving historical facts into his fictional novels. In one scene from his book, The Amber Room… 324 more words

FAMILY || The B Family || Minneapolis Family Photographer

This family brought many smiles to my face during our time together. And because I was inside the beautiful Guthrie Theater and not outside in the cold the smiles came even easier.  33 more words

The Amber Room- Are We On the Verge of Recovering the Eighth Wonder of the World?

This week, continued digging occurred in Germany’s western Ruhr industrial region for The Amber Room, frequently thought of as the most valuable art lost during World War II. 215 more words


The Catherine Palace

“Heaven is trembling in awe of Your wonders, the kings and their kingdom are standing amazed
Here in Your presence, we are undone.  Here in Your presence, Heaven and Earth become one… 866 more words


Steve Freeman Impromptu Interview

Steve Freeman has consented to be my third impromptu interview,  and the links are to our Facebook pages – If you want to be friends,or follow, please click on the name.  2,376 more words

spear of destiny

A recent doco, along the lines of the Ark of the Covenant movie ending, , expounded the theory of the fate of the Amber Room. It also mentioned the Spear of Destiny, a relic from Roman times, belonging to the corpus of Grail mysticism, the Opferschale, or sacrificial cup of Wagnerian opera. 363 more words