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Working Day and Night

In our American culture, we have an insane tendency towards the incessant “doing” as we all should know by now.  It comes to us and is woven into the fabric of our lives before we are old enough to even fully understand it, so it seems.  1,199 more words

29 days of poetry. bootstraps


It’s easy to tell someone else to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when you yourself, have inherited your boots




Aloha EOD: Outfitting Service & Style With STRNGBK

When I founded The Patriot Belle I made it my mission to honor and support the community of American EOD Patriots- both currently dedicated to serving our country, in addition to those that have paved the road ahead of us. 220 more words

Essays from Junior High: The American Dream

If you came of age in the 2000’s (or maybe this has always been a thing, Boomer readers care to comment?), you probably faced the following questions as part of some half-baked History or English test, or some reflection project: “What does the American Dream mean to you?” 979 more words


"Poem For the Masses" (a poem by KPKeelan)


Garage sale nation!

Everybody’s selling, but no one is buying.

Perfect little workers
mortgages underwater-
become overqualified jobseekers
in a paper sea of resumes, 121 more words


An Immigration Journey

Antonio Grimaldo came to the U.S. in 1997 as a 17-year-old. He had friends who had come here who were working hard to build a better life. 724 more words