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The Illusion Of Freedom In America

The American Dream: owning a home, maybe even an additional vacation home, cars, nice clothes, jewelry…

I had once read that the American Dream was designed around the time of the Industrial Revolution. 926 more words


3520 – Wednesday, September 11, 2019 --- Can We Ever Understand the Trump Phenomenon?

Pontificating and writing books and articles about what I will call the Trump phenomenon has become (forgive my use of this cliché), a Cottage Industry. I have three books on my shelf right now in which an author has gone on a quest (to a remote area of America) to find the reason why so much of rural and middle America embraced Trump. 1,371 more words

Squeezing the Middle Class: The Proof is in the Pudding

Over the last few years, numerous studies have come out which confirm beyond a doubt that the incomes of those in the American middle class have slowly but surely shrunk.  590 more words


The Canadian Dream

This has become a frequently reported topic, but here’s a recent article from Wired talking about tech workers living out the American Dream — in Canada… 267 more words


The American Dream

Many of you who know me know I am what pollsters would call “a moderate Democrat.” I want our country to live up to what we’ve always called The American Dream—a place where each person is judged on his character and actions and not on the color of his skin or who he loves or where he worships. 255 more words

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