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TV premise writing and a directed graph algorithm

In The Anatomy of Story, John Truby writes that television “depict[s] a number of characters in a mini society struggling to change simultaneously.”  So, when I started practicing generating TV show premises, I knew a factor that I would (and probably should) think about is  989 more words

Truby on Premise aka Guess What I'm Working On Tonight aka Back to Absolute Total Basics

“One last reason you must have a good premise is that it’s the one decision on which every other decision you make during the writing process is based. 95 more words


Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of great material out there detailing how to find your writer’s voice. That distinguishable and authentic thing that makes your writing… 428 more words

Developing The Project

Fantasy Friday - What's Better Than Tolkien?

As the old year drew to a close, I abandoned a contemporary fantasy for the tried and true — a re-reading of J. R. R. Tolkien’s… 568 more words


Looking for what's compelling

I read an interesting articular by Cory Mandell. In “The Real Reason Why Most Scripts Fail” he argues that the majority of screenplays fail because “most writers haven’t yet trained themselves to write in professional-level compelling conflict.” Initially I thought I knew what he meant when he said compelling conflict. 332 more words


Thinking About "Theme"

“The art of is to infuse them into a dramatic story that compels on both levels: the dramatic and the thematic.”

So says a commenter to the StoryFix article, … 706 more words


Antagonists Are Real People Too

Antagonists are the sparring partners of the heroes in our novels.

Years ago when I began to study fiction, I heard the admonition to make all characters, even the antagonist realistic. 615 more words