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So You Think You Can Write-Part 2: Creating a Story

Once you get the idea for a story, the next thing you need to do is plan out the story.

In the writing world, there are two kinds of people. 311 more words


The Absolute Best Advice on Creating Characters

Who is this guy? Why should I be taking this kind of advice from a nobody? Those are the questions that may very well have gone through your mind since you read this post’s title. 635 more words


Foreword: On Screenwriting

Rule 1. Don’t publish your first screenplay.

Rule 2. Don’t publish your second screenplay.

Rule 3. Practice makes perfect.

Rule 4. It will never be perfect. 968 more words


Chapter 6 complete

… with a word count of 30,657. The structural constraint of 5,000 words per chapter, to which I’ve been trying to adhere, seems to have been working. 349 more words

(Screen)writing 101: Good Dialogue Is Not “Realistic”

“Dialogue is among the most misunderstood of writing tools. One misconception has to do with dialogue’s function in the story: most writers ask their dialogue to do the heavy lifting, the work that the story structure should do. 130 more words