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01.07. A Little About Communities, More About Society

I was thinking about changing the name of the blog, because I do not have much to say about these communities of friends. Needless to go into details such as registration of members, excluding them (?!), operating rules, etc. 224 more words

01. Mihai Băsceanu

Swimming through the Gardens of Coral & Fish - The Maldives

A country with 1100 islands, ring reefs with its own sandy lagoon and the abundance of beautiful fish makes Maldives an infinite paradise. When I say it is a paradise it means this country is naturally supported and is lucky to have excellent weather conditions to be able to sustain its beauty. 699 more words

Nature & Outdoor ;

Taking cover

I move the solar rocks to mow the grass underneath and suddenly the world below springs into action; hundreds of ants work to move the next generation to a place of safety – their bunker underground. 43 more words



We all obey laws because we are aware that unpleasant consequences could result if we do not.  We don’t have to experience the consequences to know this is so.    179 more words


Travel Theme: Connections

Ailsa is looking for some connections this week. If you would like to join in (everyone’s welcome!) click here:

Today I have gone for some animal connections. 16 more words


A Word a Week Challenge: Behind

A leopard in San Diego Zoo, behind bars. Thankfully. As he seemed to be snarling at me :)

Visit Sue’s A Word in Your Ear… 13 more words



In the next life I’d like to be a cat. No obligations, no rules. You just eat and sleep. Moreover you are not along and there is always somebody who plays and entertains you. 158 more words

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