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The Most Panoramic Prophecy in the Bible (Part II)

Antichrist … Modern-Day Man or From the Distant Past?

If I were to ask someone, believer or unbeliever, if the Antichrist is a man who will be born in the end-time’s generation, he/she would probably look at me cross-eyed and reply, “How else would he appear on the scene?” Or, “who else would he be, other than a present-day world leader?” 5,740 more words

The Antichrist

BIBLICAL WORD OF THE DAY: Antichrist: (Gr. antichristos)

Antichrist: (Gr. antichristos) The term “Antichrist,” occurs in the NT five times. From those five times, we gather this entity is “against” (i.e. denies Christ) or “instead of” (i.e., false Christs) Jesus Christ. 3,919 more words

Bible Terms

The Most Panoramic Prophecy in the Bible (Part I)

For those not all that familiar with the word panoramic, it is the adjective form of the noun, panorama. From the Greek word, … 5,459 more words

The Antichrist

Evangelicals Embrace Antichrist

Evangelical support for President Trump is unwavering, which is mildly shocking because all Mr. Trump has done in his tenure in office is to establish his credentials as the Antichrist. 519 more words


Dec. 7 - Woodland Critter Christmas

This episode of South Park feels so infamous that I don’t feel the need to include South Park in the title of the post. South Park’s most recent Christmas special, now 13 years old mind you, is a rather notorious episode. 2,270 more words


Stunning Catastrophes of the Tribulation / Their Timing & Purpose

Playing Games

Have you ever played the game of Twenty-One Questions? If not, you may have said or heard something like, “What is this … twenty-one questions?” Which can be a response to being asked one too many questions, especially those that are personal. 5,747 more words

The Antichrist