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Dom Listens To Music: The Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Welcome to this week’s instalment of “Dom finally listens to albums the world has been raving about for years.” I don’t think it’s possible to have avoided The Arctic Monkeys. 818 more words


Producer Spotlight: Nice Girls Can't Dance

While by day Alex Eldridge runs a children’s guitar school in Manly, by night he produces electronic music that could melt faces with its heavy melodies and beats, under the moniker of… 654 more words

Bands We Love

Artist Spotlight - Mini Mansions


There are plenty of emotions one can feel for Mini Mansions.

This LA trio have quite the dark side to them.  Their dark pop sound is quite unique to the scene these days.   373 more words


What to Listen to Now: Pale Honey

Pale Honey is a Swedish alternative music duo, made up of the lovely Tuva Lodmark and the gorgeous Nelly Daltrey.

I came across their single “Youth” by chance while I was browsing through iTune’s independent genre page (don’t judge me, I’m desperate for some new interesting music). 180 more words


Today I have finally sat down and written some words to contribute to the ten-thousand that I need to make up my completed dissertation. I’ve written four-hundred and seventy-five so far, which is nice due to it being a lovely round number, but they’re not very good. 638 more words



I am the worst blogger ever. Allow me to apologize for my unforgivable absence; let me explain.  377 more words


Is Grunge fad or a rad ?

Let’s be honest, we’ve seen all of these posts don’t we? The denim jackets, red striped collar, and doc marten boots. Just out of curiosity, when will this trend ever end? 418 more words