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Before You Ask- Life During Deployment

A year into military life and it’s amazing how much my mindset has changed.  Things that once seemed foreign and confusing, words or phrases that meant nothing, timelines and dates that had no relevance are all familiar parts of my life now.   799 more words

The Army

Buhari honours soldiers with medals for gallantry

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday in Yola, honoured three soldiers who sustained serious injuries in ongoing operations against Boko Haram with the Purple Heart medal for gallantry. 499 more words


Tell Us About Yourself

“We will go around the room- share your name, what company you are with and something about yourself…”  That is pretty much how our FRG (Family Readiness Group Meeting) opened tonight.   345 more words

The Army

See You Soon vs. Goodbye

Upon entering the timeframe for our first deployment in 2013 I was instructed that it is never “goodbye” but instead, “see you soon.”   I didn’t understand this at first.   289 more words

The Army

Rain in Egypt

Egypt is a predominantly dry country, but for the past couple of years the climate has changed a great deal. My theory is that the climate of the whole world will change after the tsunami that hit Japan some time ago and tilted the world axis around 10 degrees. 546 more words

Hungary: The army and police may shoot illegal immigrants

In the future, it will be allowed to shoot rubber bullets and use tear gas on refugees and migrants seeking to illegally enter Hungary.

Hungary’s parliament has with an overwhelmingly majority adopted a new law that gives the army and police expanded powers to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border. 132 more words

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