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The hobby

The Lieutenant arrived in the Training Centre. This was his first posting where he would have to work for his living. Up ’til now it was all training. 881 more words

The End

This was originally posted on Facebook on January 7, 2015 but failed to make its way here.

1,512 days, 5 states, and 6 countries later, after 2 missed Christmases, 5 missed Thanksgivings, and countless other missed holidays, weddings, birthdays, and events, I drive off of Fort Hood as a Soldier for the last time today and in to the civilian world to start the next chapter of my life like Andy Dufresne leaving Shawshank. 72 more words

The Army

In Conclusion

Sorry for the long post last time but a lot clearly happened. To sum it all up, Roderigo tried to kill Cassio to win Desdemona, but Cassio ends up stabbed by Roderigo’s partner in crime after stabbing Roderigo. 124 more words

The Army

Murder! Murder!

Late last night, Roderigo attempted to kill Michael Cassio! Cassio though was luckily wearing armor and stabbed the blockhead. Unluckily for Cassio though, Roderigo had an accomplice who in turn stabbed Cassio in the leg! 74 more words

The Army

Othello the Abuser

Desdemona’s cousin Lodovico arrived from Venice bearing an order for Othello to return home and have Cassio govern Cypress. That’s a bit awkward for everyone considering Cassio was just fired, but that’s not all! 157 more words

Des And Othello