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Design Thinking - Day 5 (Week 2)

By: Tammy Flanders

In reviewing last week’s workshops, I’m still wondering how the students who are headed to secondary schools would have accepted the scenario that we did use with students looking to teach at the elementary level. 612 more words


Design Thinking - Iteration #1 and 2

And so we began, first thing this morning, to introduce 2nd year Werklund Education Students to the Design Thinking process using the prototype of our own workshop to show them, through a humanities based task, to incorporate empathy, definition and ideation (and not present but also discussed, prototyping and testing) into their teaching. 665 more words

Design Thinking

Interpretations: Linguistics

The other day I was taking my usual morning stroll to work and I came across these markings on the sidewalk.  While I am sure that they were merely some kind of water stain from overnight, to me, they were reminiscent of the markings shown in a recently released movie called “The Arrival”. 120 more words


Saturday Double Feature: Arrival (2016) And...

Yep, I’ve decided it’s time for the return of what used to be a regular feature here on the blog, the Saturday Double Feature.

The idea here is simple: take a movie that’s currently in theaters and pair it with one from the past to crate an interesting double bill. 495 more words


Top Ten Movies of 2016

Well hey folks, and welcome to what is without a doubt the most magical part of the year for bloggers and reviewers alike. That magical time of year when I don’t have to try and figure out what on earth I’m gonna write about and instead have to try and remember what on earth I actually watched this year! 1,334 more words


Sci-Fi Movies and Recent Portrayal of One World Government

Spoiler Alert:  This article deals with plot content from movies Independence Day, Independence Day Resurgence, and The Arrival.  If you have not seem these movies and are interested in seeing them do not read this article. 1,123 more words