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"Hold On ... Is That Van Johnson?" A TZ Disc Mystery

Ever look at something a hundred times, and then — on the 101st — notice something odd?

That sounds like the set-up to a Twilight Zone… 428 more words

Twilight Zone

Under the Radar: 10 Films to watch out for in the rest of 2016

It’s July, which means we’ve passed the midway point of 2016 and are now heading straight towards the summer holidays. As per annual cinematic tradition, this usually means we’ve had a few blockbusters to whet the appetite and a truckload more about to bludgeon our senses until we stumble out of our local multiplex in an CGI induced, zombified state. 2,084 more words

General Musings

20 Years On: “The Arrival”

Film’s about alien invasions are nothing new. For as long as film has been a major medium to tell stories, at least with sound, it seems that every other year there’s at least one new alien invasion film. 979 more words


The Arrival-Part 1. Managua to the Ferry

Arriving in Managua was relatively painless. Because we were one of the last to get off the plane (cats, kids, carry-on) the immigration lineup was done by the time we got to the counters. 755 more words

Comics: Where to begin.

Have you ever wanted to get into comics, but then you saw all those endless racks of issues in mid-run and didn’t know where to begin? 372 more words


Postmodern Picturebooks... For Adults?!

This is the third post of a four part blog series on postmodern picturebooks. For more information about the series click here. For the first post… 959 more words

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