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How Leandro Taub was selected to play Bonifaz

In one of his interview questions, Woodwind director Fin Manjoo was asked about his approach in finding an actor for the lead role of Bonifaz the composer. 304 more words

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Fin Manjoo on the film festivals for Woodwind

We talk to director Fin Manjoo about the best film festival to premiere Woodwind.

So, now that the film is finished, where will it premiere? 234 more words

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‘Wogbɛ Jɛkɛ: Our Journey’ returns to National Theatre this Easter

The Heritage Theatre Series’ iconic production Wogbɛ Jɛkɛ: Our Journey returns this Easter at the National Theatre in Accra, after a momentous offering in March, which drew hundreds of patrons to the Amphitheatre at the University of Ghana. 84 more words

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The world of Woodwind by Screen Africa

The continent’s leading film industry magazine Screen Africa wrote a double-page feature on the movie Woodwind.

Screen Africa’s feature focused on the technical side of making the film. 54 more words

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Q & A with Furrer: The hidden sacredness of women in Woodwind

We speak with Woodwind actress Andrea Christina Furrer, who plays Alina in the upcoming feature film.

Question: Much will be made of the lead character in… 430 more words

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The art of walking the way of Woodwind

Director Fin Manjoo goes into minute detail on the making of the most subtle movements that are usually taken for granted in films, underlining the path of Bonifaz in Woodwind. 804 more words

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#Wogbejeke to feature @ 2017 Music of Ghana Origin #MOGO2017

The cast and crew of Ghana’s very own epic, WogbeJeke, which has thrilled Ghanaians over the past couple of years, will perform at this year’s Music of Ghana Origin (#MOGO2017).Wogbejeke, a delightfully overwhelming experience, captures over two thousand years of history in two hours. 136 more words