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Woodwind: An experience in the art of music

There’s over a dozen music tracks in the feature film Woodwind, writes director Fin Manjoo. 

Looking through it now, I wanted the audience to feel as if they’ve experienced a unique, extraordinary journey in music. 482 more words

The Art

Leandro Taub: My entire life has been preparing me to be Bonifaz in Woodwind

Argentine actor Leandro Taub plays the lead role of Bonifaz, the music composer in the upcoming feature film, Woodwind.

We asked Taub what it felt like to become Bonifaz, and it’s best written in his own words. 170 more words

The Art

“do you know which artist, currently located in Weston-super-Mare painted this art?”

Q & A: Jasmin Jandreau on the magic and mysticism of Woodwind

Woodwind actress Jasmin Jandreau talks to us (for as much as she’s allowed to) about her role on the feature film.

Jasmin, your role in… 579 more words

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The poetic languages narrated in Woodwind

Fin Pictures has finished the recording of the final narration of Woodwind in Hamburg, Germany this week.

Narration sound recordist Igor Yermilov and actress Andrea Christina Furrer were busy with the German language narration, which required intensive collaboration with South African director and writer Fin Manjoo over the last two weeks. 83 more words

The Art

“Weston-super-Mare love art!

Where is this donkey?”

The Suncity Fashion Weekend

Are you a aware of the SUNCITY  FASHION WEEKEND? 

Some pictures for the Hype.

Are you a Fashion Enthusiast? Are you a Fashion Designer in Ghana? 111 more words