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Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

In this workshop series you will experience Connecting with Your Soul, your Higher Self through meditation, visualization, conscious expansion exercises, and other practical tools. 176 more words

The Angels

The Ascended Masters on Addiction, Exercise and Clarity

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The Ascended Masters- “With the Attaining of Balance Comes True Spiritual Clarity”

(Note, in this message a soul known as Solara An-Ra is discussed. 1,570 more words

Ascended Masters

Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: If Things Don’t Seem to Arrive, then Arise

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so very much Love and joy, I am Jeshua speaking for our collective of Masters and for the Company of Heaven overall. 2,223 more words


Sheldan Nidle Update - Brilliant and Abundant World About to be Created for all Humanity - 9-10-13 - Spiritual Hierarchy - Galactic Federation of Light

Sheldan Nidle Update – September 10, 2013

4 Akbal, 6 Zip, 10 Caban


Dratzo! We come bearing good news! Those working diligently to bring change to this reality have finished their special tasks, so that now a new epoch stands ready to manifest. 1,303 more words


Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: Spiritual Liberation will help you Create Heaven on Earth

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With the brimming Love of the entirety of our collective of Masters, I am Jeshua.

At this time, we wish to communicate the importance of treating every facet of consciousness around you with the ordained respect you wish to be shown. 2,548 more words


Channeled Ascended Masters Interview: Masters in Atlantis, Taking Form as Orbs and Closing Karmic Contracts

The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Ascended Masters, a collective I’ve felt very close with for a long time.

Wes Annac: My desire on this night is to connect with the dear Ascended Masters and have a discussion. 2,665 more words