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The Atlantic Magazine, May 2016, The Obama Doctrine. How He's Shaped the World by Jeffrey Goldberg 

The Atlantic Magazine, May 2016
The Obama Doctrine. How He’s Shaped the World by by Jeffrey Goldberg

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The Atlantic Magazine, May 2016… 104 more words


By Paul M. Lewis

Nicholas Dames’ article entitled “The New Fiction” in the April 2016 edition of The Atlantic magazine explores the modern novel by contrasting it with an older version of fiction, one exemplified first by Cervantes in… 1,425 more words


Opinion: Barack Obama and the West Have Abandoned Their Ally Saudi Arabia - But They Will Regret It

By Rob L. Wagner

International Business Times

29 March 2016

Saudis have recently taken to describing President Barack Obama using an Arabic phrase “tarajala unn faras addiblumasiah”  1,086 more words

Undiscovered Species in Natural History Museums

We’re big fans of museums, especially those of natural history with specimens of life in the world that are invaluable to science. Now, in a piece for the  430 more words


From The Atlantic: "Pop Culture Is Finally Getting Hacking Right"

The Atlantic Magazine

Dec 1, 2015
Joe Marshall


Movies and TV shows have long relied on lazy and unrealistic depictions of how cybersecurity works. That’s beginning to change. 1,423 more words

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From The Atlantic: "The Chilling Regularity of Mass Extinctions"

The Atlantic Magazine

Nov 3, 2015
Adrienne LaFrance

An artist’s rendering of an asteroid or comet striking Earth. Andrea Danti / Shutterstock

One thing we know for sure is that conditions on Earth were, shall we say, unpleasant for the dinosaurs at the moment of their demise. 1,128 more words

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From The Atlantic: "The Evolution of Teaching Creationism in Public Schools"

The Atlantic Magazine

Eric Jaffe

A new study shows that anti-evolution lessons have become more stealthily integrated into curricula.


Some 90 years out from the… 951 more words

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