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Kuala Lumpur (KL)

The flight was quite shaky, but I landed well in KL. I had to line up for ages at immigration, but when it was finally my turn I got in without problems. 1,376 more words


The Attic - USA, 1980

’13 steps to terror’

The Attic is a 1980 American horror drama film directed by George Edwards (producer of Frogs; How Awful About Allan… 521 more words


Excerpt: Prince of the Couriers of the Air

When Malvin slept on the couch in the empty living room of the Bliss Homestead, he dreamt that he was really hanging in the dark room of the basement, the room where the cobwebs had piled up to the height of small children, where bones of deer lay scattered, where the leaves of the overgrown bushes pushed through the cracked window, where Malvin avoided. 928 more words

The Attic

Children's Hour


Then lift up the head with a song!
And lift up the hand with a gift!
To the Ancient Giver of all
The spirit in gratitude lift! 427 more words

Children's Hour

Exclusive: 303 Announce Their Summer Party Line-Up

Having recovered from their awesome birthday double header, 303 today announce their annual Summer Party line-up. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight has the exclusive scoop on who is playing. 395 more words


The Attic~by rldubour

The Attic

A place to find lost treasures that people put aside.

And if you’re young a place to go for fun or just to hide. 257 more words


The Attic

The thing I love most about LA is the thing I hate most about it too: it’s so goddamn BIG. It’s shitty when you need to commute from the east side to the west side for work and incorporate the costs of having a car into your budget, but when it comes to wining and dining, you will literally never run out of things to try. 736 more words