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Picking Up the Pieces: Introduction

Sometimes I find myself as a mother of 1 saying “my kids.” It’s slightly embarrassing but mortifying when someone says “Oh how many?” And then you say, “one” and they call you out on saying “kids” and you don’t want to make them feel awkward but stutter out something about having one in heaven…to a stranger you barely know….Because once that little baby comes and goes, you can’t shake the truth that there should be…

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Our Life [as It Happens]



The Babes

In the midst of planning a wedding, finding a new job, and moving into a new house, I made a potentially life saving realization. Rather than murdering my future husband to cope with my stress, I realized the best way to cope was to bake. 129 more words


Ode for Ro

Dream big, baby girl, never hide your zeal.
Powerful are those who express what they feel.

Run fast, little lady, make us try to keep pace. 48 more words

Cookies & Milk features Bourbon Cookie

The Babes had a blast collaborating with the local delivery services, Cookies & Milk. This late night cookie delivery service provides delicious home-made cookies for the Greater Sacramento Area at a less than 45 minute delivery turn-around time. 201 more words


"Quiet Time" with JM: Calzone-ee Operation

The other week I started my second shift of the day shortly after lunch time. It’s a time of day we in the biz generally refer to as, “quiet time”. 641 more words

The Babes