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It should come as no surprise that Ashley was gifted a monogrammed trough at the ripe age of two. Although this Babe can dig in like a little piggy, she sticks to the veg side of things. 118 more words

The Babes


Dustee began her lengthy love affair with food at the ripe age of three.  She used to risk her life climbing on top of the counter to reach her favorite snack of them all…sticks of butter.   165 more words



Kasey’s palette took a little longer than others to develop.  Her favorite foods ranged from canned tuna fish to steamed broccoli through elementary school.  Yeah, weird.   164 more words



Anyone that knows Ariel knows that she is not a morning person. On her final day of freshman year at CU Boulder she was moving out of the dorms and her father needed to pick up the remainder of her belongings early that morning. 147 more words


Picking Up the Pieces: Introduction

Sometimes I find myself as a mother of 1 saying “my kids.” It’s slightly embarrassing but mortifying when someone says “Oh how many?” And then you say, “one” and they call you out on saying “kids” and you don’t want to make them feel awkward but stutter out something about having one in heaven…to a stranger you barely know….Because once that little baby comes and goes, you can’t shake the truth that there should be…

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Our Life [as It Happens]