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I am happily married, therefore, I watch The Bachelor.

This week’s episode was known as the “women tell all” episode, where several months of passive-aggressive backstabbing between 25 women living in the same house while dating the same guy is hashed out live on camera. 22 more words


Wow, Britt was SO being fake!


Suzanne Coleman

OK guys, now I have to say something after seeing Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor, The Women Tell All.”  Now, if you’ve been following my blog so far, you know what I’ve been thinking about a few of the girls on the show. 663 more words

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No Season Of 'The Bachelor' Will Ever Be As Great As Scott Eastwood's Search For The Perfect Dog

This video has all your favorite things: A hot guy, tons of pups, and The Bachelor.

In this spoof on the dating show, the very sexy Scott Eastwood tries to find a true love connection: that between a man and a dog. 59 more words


The Feminist Bachelor Recap, Episode 11: The Womyn Tell All

Oh man, oh WOMAN, the women certainly told all this week, and oh how amazing their stories were. The Women Tell All episode started with Chris Harrison babbling about how every… 1,136 more words

Prepare for Landing: Season Finales

I don’t know about you, but I wish all of my shows would run year round. My least favorite part about television shows is their finality. 404 more words


Getting To Know You...

How do you make The Amazing Race even more amazing? If you’re after my own reality-TV loving heart, you incorporate elements of one of my other guilty viewing pleasures, … 618 more words

Why Kaitlyn Didn't Win The Bachelor

((I’d been waiting to write this post for a few weeks now, just in case Kaitlyn did win…but I always knew this was never her game. 720 more words