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If you’re like me, and you find yourself (somewhat reluctantly) skimming the range of cringe worthy reality television shows which take up the 8:30pm timeslot on numerous commercial channels, there is a high chance you’ve come across The Bachelor. 727 more words


The Bachelorette Australia (Season 3) – Episode 10: How to Deflate a Narcissist (for Dummies)

I am actually finding it really hard to write this. I am a hot mess of emotions; angry, mad, furious…

Oh, hang on.  They’re all the same emotion, aren’t they? 1,485 more words

The Bachelor

The Bachelor Australia (Season 3) – Episode 9: Kidding? Not Kidding!

Blake is on a high because he has survived the most intense rose ceremony E.V.A. and that’s a sign he’s going to win. At very least it’s a sign that Sophie finds Blake just a little bit less of a wanker than Sam. 1,409 more words

The Bachelor

The Bachelor S22: The First Promo

I don’t care who the next Bachelor is, I am so pumped to start recapping another season of the Bachelor! It is so much more entertaining judging the women, but let’s see how committed I am by week three…. 804 more words

Calm down about the plebiscite - The Bachelor has already ruined the sanctity of marriage

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Married at First Sight, I could continue to list at least five more reality dating shows from the last decade, have already ruined marriage, so turn off Farmer Wants a Wife and look at what you’re doing. 365 more words

How Weird Are Sarah Jessica Parker's Leaked Emails?

Sarah Jessica Parker’s leaked emails and so-called “diva demands” are making the rounds…but are they really all that bad?

Comedian and former host of The View,  391 more words

Sex And The City

The Bachelorette Australia (Season 3) – Episode 8: A Dodgy Batch of Magic Dusty Stuff

The boys can finally fit around a dining room table and they are lamenting the demise of Luke at last night’s rose ceremony. Poor old Mac doesn’t even get a mention; it’s like he and his guitar serenade and his little leopard spot onesie never even existed. 1,722 more words

The Bachelor