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An Open Letter to the Red Knight - Medieval Times Ticket Giveaway

Greetings Red Knight,

it’s me.

You know me as Red Zone, First Row Overlooking the King’s Balcony, Best Seats in the House, Looks Tired, Cheering. 862 more words

Bachelor 4.3: Who are you rooting for?

Here’s our Bachelor:

Dalton loves learning, the guitar, large families, life, gardening, and sports. He’s creative and is a very kind person.

Which of our contestants will win the heart of this handsome devil? 10 more words


Rubies are not Scarlett

For those of you unfamiliar with Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, I am not talking about the literal color scarlet but, rather, the main character Scarlett O’Hara, as well as the entire category of women she represents. 909 more words


Friday Five

  1. It has been a warm (ish), rainy week over here in Maryland. Most of the snow is gone. This will make house hunting easier this weekend.
  2. 432 more words

As of late | February 4, 2016

American Crime – no not FX’s new “American Crime Story” anthology. The other anthology, ABC’s American Crime

I’ve been really into one-and-done television series lately. Television series with a manageable amount of episodes. 665 more words

As Of Late

The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap; The Beginning of Olivia's End?

Nearing the halfway mark of the show, this week’s episode represented a real turning point in the season.  Not only did Ben have to endure the closest thing to a real break up, but the tide may have finally turned against Olivia and her cunning ways! 2,939 more words