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12 Weird Things A Best Friend Will Never Judge You For

1. Listening to that one song on repeat for 24 hours straight. They’ll find it for you on Spotify, and reassure that it’s totally not weird that you reallllllllly like a Ludacris song from 11 years ago, because they genuinely support you as a person. 614 more words

So Here's What Will Happen on #TheBachelorAU This Week

Again, I’ve been carefully researching quality journalistic insights in The Bachelor and can predict with 100% accuracy what shall happen this week. Please note 100% may not mean what I think it means. 382 more words

Bachelor In Paradise: The Virginity Monologues

Soooo…errebody knows Samantha be lyin’. But she sends Joe home in a desperate attempt to save face and ends up getting Dan-Man for a body guard. 96 more words

Chris Harrison

Bachelor In Paradise: Web of Lies

Last week I missed my Rabble.TV broadcast due to technical difficulties, and it was tragic. But I’ll be back tonight to commentate the dramz that will surely go down between Samantha and the triad of men who are trapped in her wicked web. 16 more words

Chris Harrison

Bachelor in Paradise: Everything You Need to Know

JJ left voluntarily, but not before giving his rose to Ashley S. Talks with raccoons are over because Clare has left the island for a 3rd strike-out. 1,137 more words

The Bachelor


Monday nights are a big deal at my house. It’s Bachelor Night. (Or in the summer months, Bachelorette Night.) For years my mom, dad, sister and I have practically planned our Monday nights around this TV show. 849 more words

Jennifer Weiner

Bachelor Sam - Bachelorette Fashion and Predicting the Final Three

Right so last night the foregone conclusion of all foregone conclusions finally happened: Ebru got sent home and, frankly, not even Ebru could summon the will to be surprised about it.  1,669 more words