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The Bachelor 2:2

Day one, scoping the room

Lowell woke up early the first day of the challenge. He decided on a morning work out to calm his nerves. 628 more words

The Bachelor

The Bachelor Season 21: Episode 7 recap

The “awkward silence” opening to The Bachelor could not be more fitting. In fact, I feel awkward every time this show ends on a “to be continued.” 1,224 more words

The Bachelor Season 21

Masculinity, The Bachelor, and a Few Golics

Okay, boys. We need to talk. The four scariest words a woman can possibly utter in your direction. But it’s time. It’s time for a chat. 1,264 more words

Guys, I'm Serious.

Episode 12: For Honor, Hacksaw Ridge, and Rise of the Tomb Raider

I babble about Hacksaw Ridge, For Honor, and Rise of the Tomb Raider on PlayStation 4.

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The Bachelor: Mega Dads Edition - Rose Ceremony Week 1

The limousines slowly inched their way up the driveway towards the iconic Bachelor Mansion. One by one they stepped out of their vehicles and made their way up the steps to the house. 333 more words

Video Games

Bachelor 21, Episode 6 You've Never Gotten the Chokie Before?

Recently-dumped Taylor, whose name derives from the Latin word taliare, “to cut”, crashes Corinne’s victory dinner to retaliate (from the Latin word retaliare, “cut her again”). 909 more words