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Finishing work in South Africa, destined for Australia, but moving to Malta?

If you had asked me about our plans 3 months ago, I would have said that we aim to finish up work in Johannesburg and return to Australia to be closer to our children and their growing families. 1,023 more words


Significance or Seashells?

As I’ve shared the news of our pending life change, I’ve received many good wishes, mostly some form of “enjoy your retirement”. As much as I appreciate the kind thoughts, every time I hear those words, I wince involuntarily. 949 more words


Finish line or Start line?

I just turned 52. I’m active, in great health and physical condition, and love getting outside on my mountain bike or my surfski. Our three sons are in their mid to late twenties, well out of the nest, wonderfully married and completely off the payroll. 588 more words


Past Relationships

I’ve had three boyfriends, a couple flings, and only one I’ve genuinely loved (Josh, obviously…)

  • Adam was my first boyfriend. I had my first kiss with him, and he was the first boy that I ever experienced butterflies with.
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The Back Story