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*Disclaimer: Every body reacts to medication differently. What works for me, will not automatically work for you. I encourage you to find a doctor that you trust and work diligently with them to find medication that will help you be your best.

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The Back Story

Confusion and delusion

After the second marathon, my brain started plying tricks on me.

It told me that I no longer deserved food because I wasn’t logging the same amount of miles anymore. 601 more words

The Back Story

The follow up

I continued running in the months following my first marathon. I joined the swim team my freshmen year of high school as a mode of cross training, and found that nothing really satisfies the way running does. 380 more words

The Back Story

Going the distance

There is magic in misery. Just ask any runner. -Dean Karnazes

I started running when I was 13 years old. It was the spring of 7th grade when I was beginning to realize how much I sucked at sports.

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The Back Story

The Prompt and the Progress - Day Fifteen, Poem Fifteen

I arranged the prompts by how harsh they felt and how much they would take me through my darkness to find my light. Did the “harder” ones first and now I am transitioning to the “easier” ones. 400 more words


The Progress – Day Fourteen, Poem Fourteen

I hope that these posts about the back story and process of my poem writing have been entertaining and/or helpful. I would love your feedback in the comments! 773 more words


The Progress – Day Thirteen, Poem Thirteen

Well lets get right to the process today!

PROMPT: What ghosts flesh your body?

So first I am trying to figure out what this cool sounding phrase even means… ghost and flesh seem opposites… how does a ghost “flesh” my body exactly? 176 more words