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War Of The Roses Marathon: The Back Up Plan

Alli is ready to take her relationship with Michael to the next level. However, she might have left out a key piece of information.

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Alex is a dude with a great sense of humour.

Alex O’Loughlin (Stan) – I first auditioned for the role of specimen CR04239B – I wanted to give my seed to the film… but they weren’t interested… so I just auditioned for the role of… 74 more words


Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures, we all have them. Whether it’s reading Heat magazine, enjoying the musical stylings of the Biebs or the Kardashians.

My guilty pleasure is romcoms starring Jennifer Lopez. 286 more words


Alex O'Loughlin: Three Rivers Soundbites

Alex O’Loughlin – Three Rivers Soundbites.


Alex: I play Andy Yablonski, staff surgeon, Cardiothoracic, at Three Rivers hospital, which is a …which is a transplant hospital in Pittsburgh.

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Alex O´Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin on The Daily 10 - April 2010

I love it when I get to see old interviews with Alex that I have for some reason never seen before. This one is loads of fun ……

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Alex O’Loughlin about Stan and the Back-Up Plan - 2009

This interview with Alex is part of a longer video of interviews with the cast and director on the set of The Back-Up Plan while they were filming in 2009… 751 more words


Alex on the Red carpet at the AIF Breakthrough Awards - May 2010

Alex O’Loughlin at the Australians in Film 2010 Breakthrough Awards on 13 May 2010, where he is asked all kinds of questions about working with…

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