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Honey Bun Horizons

Blind smiles and rising tides weigh a ton,

These days can barely even stand to look for fun.

Thoughts of clout curse success with trauma, 83 more words

The Backyard

Clarinets Express

The other night I was feeling restless and like I needed to move around, as is often the case around 12:30 am for me. It’s one of my brains most active periods. 728 more words

The Backyard


While I was meandering the produce section at Whole Foods, on the prowl for three ruby red grapefruits, I saw my former first grade teacher, Mrs. 1,207 more words

The Backyard

George and Gracie at Home

The rain had stopped. The air was clear and almost cold. Breath left no tell-tale sign but the hands and feet recognized the temperature. The word would be “bracing”. 260 more words

Hallows of Feeling

I’d been running for so long that the days began to bleed together in a mess of tangential memories. It felt as though I’d been on the same bleak road for as long as I could remember, the endless procession of potholes and abandoned cars the only reminder that I was still moving forward. 2,807 more words

The Backyard

Collecting Dust


Garage sales, thrift shops; that

one-stop-shop in my uncle’s

basement; record

stores downtown, midtown,

another town;

old and wishful lovers—

          all giftgivers of sound… 375 more words

The Backyard

Forgotten Whispers

Inspired by observations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over his shoulder, a black trash bag with all that he owns: an extra jacket, a lighter, and a solitary shoe with no partner to love, 236 more words

The Backyard