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Forgotten Whispers

Inspired by observations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over his shoulder, a black trash bag with all that he owns: an extra jacket, a lighter, and a solitary shoe with no partner to love, 236 more words

The Backyard

The Jingle Jangle of Change

Over window sills see pills glaring from the counter,

Phone staying close to its rightful host- slave to the socket.

I just can’t change a damn thing. 72 more words

The Backyard

Not Yet

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Get out of bed. C’mon, you can do it. Just get through the day. GET UP. Once you’re up, everything will be fine. 1,218 more words

The Backyard


He found himself at the start of his new job, driving an ice cream truck that showed more than a few signs of rust. Which played incessantly merry music from the speaker on its roof whenever it was driven. 445 more words

The Backyard