Monday July 31, 2017

“Oh, the most naughty–” and, in general, “tut-tut.” Doesn’t one want to be bad in some true, deep way sometimes? Like, without relativism’s usual buffer — as in, “without irony.” Women hold up half the sky, while I wander around in the equivalent of William Hope Hodgson’s… 601 more words

Wrist to Forehead Bad Seed

We are watching The Bad Seed, a DVD of one of our favorite cheesy movies.  Spoiler Alert:  I’m going to give away major plot points to this movie, if not the ending.   500 more words


[Interview] Taking the Next Step with Wish Upon Writer Barbara Marshall

I first heard the name Barbara Marshall when Trey reviewed the movie Viral which she wrote. You may have even heard of a little movie called  1,501 more words


"The Bad Seed" (Post 2/2)

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There was Mrs. Archer-Gilligan, owner of a home for the aged, who took her guests on a lump-sum, life basis and who took the proper precautions to see that she did not go into the red; there was… 2,438 more words

Reading Journal

Reel Infatuation: Rhoda, what a way to behave!

“Oh yes, children often commit murders. And quite clever ones too.”

I love a killer. Her golden hair is plaited in two long pigtails, her eyes are bright and curious, and her smile is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

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The Bad Seed, at the Jack Studio Theatre (review)

The Bad Seed is a play written in 1954 by American playwright Maxwell Anderson, based on the book of the same name by William March.  The Bad Seed has just finished a run at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre in a production by the Jack’s Associate Company Outfox Productions. 580 more words