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Travels through History - The Balkans: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia

The Macedonians build a fountain and upset the Greeks.

Villages on the road to Lake Ohrid fly Albanian flags instead of Macedonian ones.

Kosovan taxi drivers believe fundamentalists are being sponsored in their country by former foes. 87 more words


Bosnia 2016

Students engaging in the tradition of decorating the 1984 Olympic bobsled.

Traditional Bosnian cheese pie, sirnica.

A view to the sea on Korcula.

Medieval Tombstones in Bosnia’s Dinaric Alps. 52 more words


Strangers, Friends & Enemies With Benefits - Crossing The Danube In Bulgaria (Travels In Eastern Europe #15)

My lasting impression of Ruse will always be the inquisitive, staring eyes of Bulgars. Their dark eyes and suspicious expressions followed me and my traveling companion Tim as we bought bus tickets for Bucharest. 1,075 more words

The Balkans

Hesco barriers have come a long way since Bosnia

I remember seeing my first Hesco barrier in Bosnia in 1994 when I was visiting a Canadian military outpost in Visoko. The collapsible wire mesh containers, which are full of sand, were and are a brilliant invention. 706 more words

Defence Watch

The World That Will Not Go Away – A Thousand Year Plan On A Bus Ride To Ruse (Travels In Eastern Europe #14)

The bus ride from Veliko Tarnovo to Ruse was the usual sleep inducing experience. I have no idea what it is about buses, but a person can be wide awake, fueled with adrenaline when they board and within a half hour they are reduced to a comatose state. 1,024 more words

The Balkans

A Hostel Situation - The Way To Ruse & Romania (Travels In Eastern Europe #13)

Two men were quietly conversing among themselves while sitting in a kitchen at a hostel deep in the mountains of Bulgaria. All the while rain played a percussive rhythm on the rooftop. 1,080 more words

The Balkans