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George Jonas: This is not Sparta

Nothing in history is “just like” anything else. Comparing events in vastly different periods is a parlour game at best. One shouldn’t yield to the temptation of drawing far-reaching conclusions from seeming parallels. 805 more words

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Postcard from Bulgaria

Panorama della Dolna Dikanya. Lake and village Dolna Dikanya, near the city of Pernik (яз. и село Долна Диканя, Перник).

In the distance you can see the highest mountain range in Bulgaria and on the Balkans – … 155 more words


Eleanor Wachtel: Re-writing the Balkans

It was seeing Tito’s hats that really gave me a new perspective on the post-war architect of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia — and then its dictator for almost 40 years. 719 more words


I didn’t expect to feel so anxious returning to the developed world. Entering Bulgaria yesterday felt just as shocking as entering Bali – we’re in a place we don’t fully understand. 261 more words


$100bn NATO claim: Serbian NGOs seek compensation for 1999 Yugoslavia bombing

RT reports:

‘Two non-governmental organizations have said NATO should be required to pay compensation for the massive damage inflicted during the 1999 bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. 120 more words


Do you ever prefer the film to the book?

I know for bookworms like many of us, it seems almost sacrilege to say such a thing. But I find that sometimes it happens.

It happened earlier this week when I saw the excellent Italian film… 478 more words

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