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Do you ever prefer the film to the book?

I know for bookworms like many of us, it seems almost sacrilege to say such a thing. But I find that sometimes it happens.

It happened earlier this week when I saw the excellent Italian film… 478 more words

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The Balkans Part Two: Bosnia

After leaving Belgrade, the largest city in Serbia, we left to go to Sarajevo. While Belgrade is a vibrant city, with an active nightlife and crackle of energy in the air, Sarajevo is sedentary, static, and simple. 519 more words

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Beautiful Greece offers up a gluten free family dinner

“Alexander’s legacy extended beyond his military conquests – the Greeks themselves got a sense of belonging to a world beyond the Mediterranean.

Greeks have this ability to make you feel like you belong in their family. 615 more words


Almost three years after slapping political rival on TV, far-right Greek politician acquitted of charges

ATHENS, Greece — A lawmaker from a Nazi-inspired Greek party was acquitted Friday of a charge stemming from an attack on two female left-wing colleagues during a live TV talk show. 131 more words



By Jake Bibby

Dir: Jovan B. Todorovic

Jovan Todorovic’s quasi documentary, drama and Serbian historical film, The Belgrade Phantom, details the ten-day joyriding escapades of Vada Vasiljevic in 1970’s Belgrade. 625 more words

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A break from the road – temporary home at Vukov konak

During the two years that we’ve been running Vukov konak, we’ve had a steady, but growing flow of some serious globetrotters. Naturally there are many international tourists visiting, but quite a bit of people hitchhiking, backpacking or driving the whole of the Balkans, or even the world. 831 more words


19 February 1915: The die is caught...

At a meeting of the War Council on this day, Kitchener withdrew his agreement to send the crack 29th Division to the Dardanelles. Before the die could hit the cloth, he had caught it and pocketed it again. 378 more words

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