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The Balkans: Beauty and the Beast - from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

The Balkans: Beauty and the Beast

From Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

The trip through the mainland Balkans starts in Dubrovnik. For those that have not yet visited Dubrovnik which, judging by the crowds on the main street of the old city, can only be about half a dozen people, Dubrovnik is daily like a beautiful dessert placed before a crowd of gluttons where it will survive for seconds before being entirely ruined. 2,689 more words


resisting ethnic divisions in schools

Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs have very different accounts about why the Bosnian War occurred. As a result, each group has different perspectives about the wrongdoing of other parties, which allow politicians to… 436 more words


Getting Away With Murder- A Tomb Without Tito: The House Of Flowers (Travels In Eastern Europe #36)

After the death of Josef Stalin in March of 1953 a few letters were discovered on his desk under a newspaper. One of these was from the leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. 1,050 more words

The Balkans

Under an Amber Sky by Rose Alexander

Are you looking for a touching page turner to read this summer? Under an Amber Sky – a beautifully written story by Rose Alexander.

When Sophie Taylor’s life falls apart, there is only one thing to do: escape and find a new one. 759 more words


'I declare this thing open, whatever it is': Prince Philip has always had a real way with words

LONDON — For over 65 years, he has been the unwavering presence alongside Britain’s longest-serving monarch, the consummate consort and royal representative.

On Wednesday Prince Philip made his 22,219th — and final — solo public engagement. 582 more words


Balkan Waters – Meeting Point: The Danube & Sava Rivers At Belgrade (Travels In Eastern Europe #35)

My main reason for traveling to Belgrade was to check it off on a list of Eastern European capitals that I wanted to visit. By going to the city I would be able to call myself a traveler rather than a tourist. 1,118 more words

The Balkans