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"18 reasons you should book a trip to Bulgaria asap"

A big shout-out for the US-based Huffington Post news website for publishing a very cool article about Bulgaria last week… and for using one of my photos in it, yey!! 71 more words


"Balkan Poison, Revisited" by Tim Judah | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

The horrific wars that tore Yugoslavia apart offer a window into the dark side of human nature. At a time when ethnic and religious violence has become widespread across the globe, revisiting these wars could prove useful. 312 more words


Airbnb: The Grown-Up Version of Hostelling

I love hostelling.  I love meeting new people.  I love sharing stories and finding out about the hidden gems of a place from either other tourists or the owners.   2,483 more words


Sexual harassment in Kosovo: no longer invisible

When I moved back to Kosovo four years ago, I experienced how very uncomfortable it was to be a woman on the street – especially in the summer. 1,269 more words


Albanian Privilege, Croat Privilege, Serbophobia: The Inevitable One-Sidedness of 'Global Justice'

The true denialists about The Balkans are those who one-sidedly single out one or more factions in this brutal civil war, instead of blaming the wrongdoers on… 86 more words

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They loom over the landscape of the Balkans, the spomeniks, the few of them left over from a ghost country of an earlier era. Commissioned by the former Yugoslavian President Josip Tito, these gigantic free-standing structures commemorated the sites of battles and concentration camps in World War Two. 231 more words


Days in Dubrovnik

The picture below speaks enough for the beauty of Dubrovnik. As soon as my friends and I heard that we had a couple free days after our Spring Break trip through The Balkans, we knew that the Dalmatian coast had to be our last stop. 1,005 more words