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3 Days in Sarajevo

As I mentioned in the previous post, we arrived in Sarajevo at 9:30 pm on Monday, December 28th.  After dinner, we CRASHED.   At 9 am the next morning, after we dragged ourselves out of the most comfortable bed in the world, and got ourselves caffeinated, we realized we had no real plan for our three days in Sarajevo. 3,772 more words


Macedonia's local cuisine adds spice to a bike tour of the mountain lakes

I caught the aroma while pedaling up a hill in the vertical village of Brajcino, in southwest Macedonia. Snapping my head to the left to locate the source, I spied a woman out of the corner of my eye, stirring whatever was in a wide enamel pot. 2,399 more words


Eating and Drinking in Sarajevo

Food is the window into a culture.  If you really want to know a people and the soul of a nation, eat their food.  The people of any country, place their traditional dishes on a pedestal.   3,056 more words


A Brief History of Sarajevo

I don’t know why I have always been enchanted by Sarajevo.  I seem to have known about Sarajevo in the back of my mind forever.  But if you’d asked me before this summer to give you some small detail about the city, I don’t know if I could have. 2,565 more words


Bulgaria looks for new fighters while questions raised whether Denmark has enough funding for new planes

Bulgaria looking for new fighter jets while some in Denmark worry about the cost of replacing its aircraft

The Bulgarian Air Force is now searching for a replacement for its old fleet of Soviet-designed fighter jets. 170 more words

Defence Watch

In Which a Surfeit of White Churches Leads to Tears

It is hard to maintain the delusion of your own intelligence and competence when you keep producing evidence to the contrary. Today was my Geography class, and my student Haley still doesn’t have transportation, so once again I offered to pick her up. 558 more words


Getting Around the Balkans

One of the first things we researched when we started our planning for the Balkans was how we were going to get from one place to the next.   1,719 more words