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Letter: Veterans' votes are vital

Seventy years ago, Canadian veterans were truly proud and elated that dictatorial rule over most of the western world was overcome by the democracies, whereby we retained our personal power to elect or reject our nation’s leaders by exercising our inalienable right to vote. 213 more words


Kelly McParland: Germany again faced with steering Europe through crisis as migrant flood grows

Countries have been building walls to keep out intruders since they first discovered there is security in numbers. China’s Great Wall went up more than 2,000 years ago to fend off wandering nomads and perceived barbarians. 821 more words

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Why travel to Albania?

If you’d asked me when we were planning our trip if we were going to go to Albania, I would have laughed and replied, “ 1,100 more words


Double in Dubrovnik

I wrote in an earlier essay about how I’d been flowing through Europe, each place smoothly and seamlessly transitioning into the next. My journey, unlike previous ones where I had flown, did not have those jarring juxtapositions and adjustments. 738 more words


Friendship, Found on the Road

Relationships, more than anything, remind me of the joyful and absurd whimsies of life. Watching them unfold, I realize that they are so often dependent on the quirks of fate but simultaneously, upon our own agency. 1,291 more words


Obama wants $1 billion after leaving White House, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Tories give Post Office boss a big new contract

The Conservatives have finally found a public servant they really like: Deepak Chopra’s contract as head of Canada Post has been extended five years at $500,000 a year, even as the Post Office is embroiled in a controversial campaign to end door-to-door delivery and replace it with community boxes. 511 more words

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In Other Shoes - Serbian Opanci Shoes

Impressive handcraft here offers an example of traditional Serbian footwear – Tuxen’s sparse notes teach us how to pronounce “opanci”:

Serbian opanci shoes. Bought for me on October 3rd 1957, in Belgrade for the price of 1400 dinars by officer Johannesen’s wife.

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