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Off To Romania and Into The Deep

It didn’t look like where I was supposed to be. It looked like where you get knifed. There were three taxis in front of it though. 970 more words


George Jonas: Who really has the upper hand in the Greek debt crisis?

This summer’s developments in Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, remind me of an old Jewish joke.

It’s past midnight, but Mr. Cohen keeps tossing and turning. 834 more words

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Земенска приказка

Земенският манастир е разположен само на 80 км от София (или 1 час и 15 мин. с кола). Ако решиш да го потърсиш в Google, може да не те очарова много (мен например хич :D ), но разбира се, друго е око да види, ръка да пипне. 8 more words


National Post View: Is it time to consider a true fiscal union in Canada?

From the relative comfort of Canada, it is easy to chide economic basket-cases like Greece, and the flawed experiment that is the European Union. How simple is it to poke at the misshapen coalition that has managed to assure — as Winston Churchill once observed about socialism — the equal sharing of miseries. 591 more words

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On the road to Albania, especially when you decide to hitchhike, you hear a lot of warnings and cautionary tales about the dangers up ahead of you from just about every person you meet. 2,653 more words

NATO unveils details of major military exercise – Canada to contribute more than 1,600 personnel

NATO has unveiled details of its biggest military exercise in 13 years, mobilizing 36,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen from more than 30 countries, the Associated Press… 254 more words

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Fa. Fer. Fah. Fah-lem. Lum, lyem? No, lehm. Fah-lehm-meen. Fah-lyem-meen-der-eet. No, no, Fah-lehm (make it soft) meen- der-eet. Okay, okay. I think I got it. Fer-em-meen-der-it. 844 more words