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Frontier Mentality - The Magyar Mindset: Sarajevo To Pecs On The Drava Intercity (Part Four)

There is one sure way to give even the most nondescript village in Eastern Europe a prominence way beyond its size. Make it the site of a border crossing. 1,036 more words

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Since The Day I Was Born – Intimations of Mortality In Slavonia: Sarajevo to Pecs on the Drava Intercity (Part Three)

Slavonia, that forgotten northeastern corner of Croatia spread out and expanded ahead of the Drava Intercity. Here was a land beyond tourism. The stereotypical Croatia of shimmering coastline, glistening islands and brilliantly bright, white limestone landscapes tumbling into the sea might seemed a million kilometers from here. 1,104 more words

The Balkans

Travels through History: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia - Macedonia

This excerpt from the book about my travels in The Balkans

Five hundred yards further on things started to get interesting. I saw a large equestrian statue on top of an enormous plinth. 114 more words


Home, That's Where The Hurt Is- A Bosnian Reflection: Sarajevo to Pecs on the Drava Intercity (Part Two)

One of the strangest feelings is to be in a foreign country staring at a landscape that looks exactly like the one where you grew up. 1,035 more words

The Balkans

Comfort In The Unknown – Riding the Balkan Backwater: Sarajevo to Pecs on the Drava Intercity (Part One)

For most American travelers thoughts of a first long European train trip bring to mind Paris to Rome or Vienna to Venice, riding the rails between the continent’s most glamorous cities. 1,087 more words

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A Cure For Romance – The Belgrade To Sofia Sleeper: Sunday Mourning (Part Three)

The allure of the Belgrade to Sofia overnight sleeper was not entirely based on the imagined romance of the Orient Express, it was also partly financial. 1,121 more words

The Balkans

Conference: Italy’s Decade of War: 1935-45 in International Perspective

6-7 September 2016, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Keynote Speakers:
Professor MacGregor Knox, LSE
Professor Nicola Labanca, Università degli Studi di Siena

Registration now open

To register for the conference, please visit the… 257 more words

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