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The Bank Job

The Bank Job (2008)  is a British heist movie. This is a little more high-budget than Tuesday and more traditionally written. Starring Jason Statham, this feels like a second attempt at  132 more words


The Bank Job (2008)

2016 #113
Roger Donaldson | 107 mins | streaming (HD) | 2.35:1 | UK, USA & Australia / English | 15 / R

Inspired by real events (more on that later), The Bank Job sees the British Secret Service covertly enlist a gang of crooks to rob a bank’s vault in order to retrieve some compromising photos of a member of the royal family — not that the robbers know this is what they’re up to. 412 more words


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Jason Statham is a man of many talents. He’s not only been a complete and total badass in the world of action movies for over a decade, but just last year he showcased a talent we all had no idea he had, comedy. 177 more words


The Bank Job (2008)

A London model is arrested for drugs trafficking by MI5 and blackmailed into arranging the robbery of a bank vault to reclaim some embarrassing photographs used by a corrupt black activist to obtain immunity. 166 more words