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Chico Hamilton: You Remember What a Nickel Was

SKF NOTE: Just finished reading Hannah Rothschild’s biography of her Aunt, “The Baroness: The Search for Nica, the Rebellious Rothschild.” Excellent reading about a woman Thelonious “Toot” Monk, Jr. 212 more words

Scott K Fish

The Art of Aditya Ikranegara

Click the link below For more art from Aditya Ikranegara 8 more words


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Aurelia Overview

We’ve finally reached the end of our journey through all the playable characters available in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Each games’ six playable characters all have their own feel that helps make them all totally different. 786 more words

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Review: Valor vs Venom

So it arrived today, and the Kidling and I watched it during supper.

The music is good. The story, while being very, very sci-fi/fantasy (what else would be new, and it isn’t always a bad thing) it is consistent and decently written and presented. 327 more words

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The Top Ten COBRA characters

The things that make an army so effective is their emphasis on discipline, order, loyalty, and hegemony. The idea is that you can take a group of men (nowadays it’s men and women) from different locations and all walks of life, and transform them into a solitary unit that eats, thinks, and breathes alike, and is completely interchangeable. 372 more words


The Baroness: Wine!Craft Beers! Open your Champagne Bottle by Sword!

So I get invited to a Gogobot event at The Baroness and the next thing I know I’m volunteered to open a  bottle of Champagne with a sword…while being filmed by everyone in the place! 233 more words