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Let me ask you something: What is it all great writers have in common? I’m talking Shakespeare. I’m talking Hemmingway, Poe, Rowling, and King. What do all of them have in common? 712 more words



The Know/Care label carries tapes from two of the founding Basement bands: Holographic Beast, and Abstract Rabbit. In keeping with the tradition and the idea of the Basement as an original concept, the music is released on cassette in small quantity, limited releases. 168 more words

Abstract Rabbit

From Filmmaker László Illés Comes The Basement - A Horror You Can Get Involved With

With the promise of blood, death, hellish freaks and an abandoned basement, filmmaker László Illés aims to release a terrifying new horror movie next year. 298 more words


Erin Rae, Friends of Lola, and Josh Farrow at The Basement East

Friday night I got an invitation to see a local band from East Nashville at The Basement East. I had a friend visiting from out of town and I thought what better way to show her Nashville than to go to a local gig instead of the Honky Tonks. 1,041 more words


This was going to be no ordinary interview.  On the other end of the phone was none other than John Rayne, a techno-evangelist bard from a post-apocalyptic American future, here in Nashville’s present to tell us the truth through his eclectic style of modern folk music, which is created by his disembodied spirit, Boom Forest.   2,583 more words


Hello Emerson

If you’re in Columbus and you’re looking for some good live music, take a gander at the music venue sites and see whether Hello Emerson is playing somewhere.  154 more words