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Bull God - Performing "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" by Monster Magnet

90’s Tribute Night in May 2015. By now, the back room at The Basement has the new PA, even though the old PA can still be seen hanging from the roof. 14 more words

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The Buzzlovers - Performing "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana

From a 90’s Tribute Night in 2014. By this stage some work had been done on the back room at The Basement, with the new stage in place, some drapes which help deaden concrete box that is the back room of The Baso, and some pretty lights. 46 more words

The Basement

Law of the Tongue - Some Random Festival

This Law of the Tongue Video was still from my early days doing live sound at the back room of The Basement. I cant remember what gig this was for, either some Metal Fiesta, or Shananigans Festival, as run by Shaggs. 83 more words

Back Room

The Fishermen - Performing "Tommy The Cat" by Primus

This video is one of my earliest gigs that I did live sound for that was video recorded. This is in the back room at The Basement, where most of the live gig footage on this blog is from. 44 more words

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An extreme lack of sleep, a lost wallet, and a misplaced guitar were worth the trouble at SXSW this year for Marcus King and his band; on their last night in Austin, the outfit decided to make a stop at the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus for a fateful encounter. 507 more words


Top 3 // 19 May 2016

The three events you shouldn’t miss this week. 224 more words

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Sydney gigs you need to hit up this March

Originally posted on Music Insight:

Despite Sydney’s infamous lock-out laws slowly creeping their way into the city’s music scene, there are still some amazing live music experiences to be had in the Harbour City. 549 more words