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Nashville Five /// Modern Inventors

You know what Nashville doesn’t have enough of? Psychedelic soul bands. Seriously, of all the bands and groups that seem to crop up instantaneously every day, all Nashville needs is someone with the airy vocal timbre of Kevin Parker, but the cool aesthetic of The Roots on ayahuasca. 976 more words

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“I remember being in middle school, my best friend got a guitar and began writing songs, and I would sing with her. Eventually I thought, ‘I can do that’, so I did it,” recalls… 655 more words


Nashville Five /// Austin Manuel

Quality musical output is at an all-time high in our fair city – its as if every week there’s one or two local acts getting their dues on a national scale, and another six or seven making waves in and around town. 1,330 more words

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The L/S Weekly Agenda: 8/1-8/7

As we exit the sumptuous summer music month better known as July, passionate visions of glitterati festivals and drinking wine smuggled into lawn chair amphitheater shows run wild in our memory. 1,147 more words

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Claret Ash - Metal Fiesta 10

I have no idea what the name of this song was, but here is a song from Claret Ash at Metal Fiesta 10. Luckily, the drummer was using triggers, or else it would have been damn hard to get any definition out of the Kick or Snare drums! 39 more words

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Happenings /// Oh, Jeremiah at The Basement, 7/7

Finding a folk act on the road is like looking for your shadow at high noon – present every which way you look. We could undoubtedly spend an entire write-up’s worth of words opining and bloviating about which folk artists garner more credence for their craft than others, but arguing the artistry of… 604 more words

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