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It's Already Written

If you buy a DVD and decide not to watch it, it does not change how the movie begins or ends.

It is already written and produced. 428 more words

Called To Life

Christians and their intolerance to saying 'Satan' and 'hell'.

    For all of you out there who have seen Harry Potter, you know the ‘forbidden name.’ Voldemort was just not something you should say in that particular fantasy world. 329 more words


2nd Lt. George Armstrong Custer, Co. G, 2nd U. S. Cavalry, On Travelling to the Field and the Battle (Part 2)

In the preceding chapter I described my night ride from Washington to the camp of McDowell’s army at and about Centreville. After delivering my dispatches and concluding my business at headquarters, I remounted my horse, and having been directed in the darkness the way to the ground occupied by Palmer’s seven companies of cavalry, I set out to find my company for the first time, and report to the commanding officer for duty before the column should begin the march to the battleground. 2,236 more words


Ready?: You are about to be enlisted

Not so very long ago, I thought I would write a Memoir.

Then Joy mentioned that it was not to be and as I listened to her words through tears, I was confused. 975 more words


Love:What is it really?

    In our world today, we use the word love to describe multiple feelings. One might say, “I love this chocolate cake!” but also say, “I love you mom.” and, “I love my dog.” 1,069 more words


A Broken World

    As a Christian some people ask me, ‘So if there’s a powerful God, then why does He let bad things happen in the world?’. I understand why people ask this question, but let’s try to answer it together and put all our minds at rest. 722 more words


Hate: Where does it come from?

    We see hate in our world far too often and I know I have wondered, “Why is there so much hate, and were does it come from?” If we can answer these two questions, than we can start to understand how to more effectively fight it because we know the root of the problem. 918 more words