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By the Young..

 Lu quelque part.

J’avais vraiment envie de vous souhaiter une bonne fête de la jeunesse, mais je me suis demandé à quels jeunes je devrai m’adresser. 624 more words


The Warlord Of Religion 

This is a warlord that have rule over men for ages. It’s is a very powerful warlord and its grip on men is extremely strong. No matter how men try to break free from it they end up falling right into it trap. 938 more words


What does that make me?...Part 2


What does that make me??

Strong, perfect, purposeful and loyal.

Organised, loved and desired.

Single but unique.

Unique and honoured.

No dreams can imagine. 33 more words


What does that make me?...Part 1


I’ve always had to beg in one way or the other.

I’ve always been taken for a fool.

I’ve always been the weakest link. 56 more words


Sound and Fury: Terrifying Vulcan Tacticians

There are fires burning aboard Kharn’s ship. I guess the fire suppression system is out. Kharn’s pissed off, whether at the Ares or the fire, I can’t say. 1,340 more words


Sound and Fury: The Active Captain Alexander


Alexander: SAM!

DRAMA! I don’t know about you, but I really feel their connection through this Big No.  You know, Kate Vernon is a pretty solid actor. 1,387 more words


"I know that you aren't worthy"

Had a conversation with my parents today about mental health stuff. They wanted to know why I didn’t do well in my last summer class. In reality I said that I couldn’t focus or concentrate on it because of other things on my mind. 407 more words

Mental Health