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Battle at Sauder Hill

My family and I were thrilled about moving into our new home. Tucked in the hills of hardwoods, a lake below promising days of fun, and woods where deer and turkeys are more common than people, all seemed right. 864 more words


Me Before You

If ever you are lucky to see this movie,it is one I would highly recommand and I will tell you why. And I hope it’ll be interesting. 447 more words


The World's Greatest

YOU are the one who determines who you are, not your past for you make your present and mould your future.

People have the tendence of believing that it’s our upbringing, history or religion that makes us who we are.

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When you haven’t been through it you just can’t understand. Being apart of the popular teens, sportive hoties, the dude that “every girl dreams of dating” could blind you from the world outside yours. 578 more words


The Battle - 2016

In the past, I’ve written about the impetus for this project. A major part of that is what I consider an emptying of the nativity of its wonder through… 219 more words

Bus Stop Nativity

Things We Hope For

I have a secret.

My son, Tunes, is back! He’s actually been back for a couple of weeks.

One happy momma, RIGHT HERE!

Not because I can’t let go. 528 more words


The End at The End at The End

There is no past or future. Using tenses to divide time is like making chalk marks on water.Janet Frame

I know I have promised an end before but perhaps now is the right time.

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The Battle