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When What You Are Grateful For Disappoints You

I mentioned earlier we had a fire this month. It was on a Saturday. My husband was working. My daughter and I had just left for the library and all the boys were doing whatever boys do, at home. 544 more words

The Battle

Lack of Compassion

Somebody asked how my son was doing yesterday.

I was at church, but instead of having service, we were all making plarn for the sleeping mats for the homeless. 489 more words

The Battle

Parenting Differently

I would say Justice was probably two, maybe three years old. We were leaving a local grocery store when he was having a meltdown in the car. 622 more words

The Battle

A little less excitement if you please!

Well. It’s another blog post that I probably didn’t want to write, or one that I expected have had to write, but things change, spanners keep getting thrown into the works. 1,654 more words

My Treatment

Keep Me Safe

A few weeks ago, I was bitten.

I work as an aide in an elementary school, assisting those students who need extra support throughout the day for any number of reasons. 650 more words

Beauty And Boldness

Broken and Afraid

I don’t even know what just happened. I wasn’t expecting it. My first response was anger, then it was fear, then it was hurt.

My son convinced his psych doctor to reduced one of his meds. 550 more words

The Battle