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Depression and anxiety are two unrelenting and brutal mental health issues that have consumed my life for quite some time now. Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with mild depression, it all seem to come to light after the death of my grandmother in 2010. 676 more words


His Normal

Why can’t my kid be normal?

My heart is heavy. A few weeks ago I celebrated my son’s two year anniversary of his Pyrrole Disorder diagnosis. 569 more words


Faith in Not Knowing

The enemy’s voice is always speaking, droning on. And if we don’t seek the voice of the Father we can never be free.

Towards the end of my dad’s life the cancer affected the speech center of his brain. 428 more words



In JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the hero Frodo Baggins has the unenviable task of trekking through enemy lands to destroy the “One Ring” by throwing it into the fires of Mordor. 407 more words

The Battle

Dear Kaynen

My head is pounding. It turned into a bad morning for safety as Kaynen set out to make a point and then a call sent me spiraling again. 317 more words

Bask in the Blessing

How many times have our blessings been cheapened because they didn’t turn out exactly as we envisioned it or hoped it would be?

I was riding my bike down to the beach this afternoon. 316 more words



This morning was a lesson in not all insiders are friendly. Welcome to my world. Safety, however, was somehow maintained. In all my efforts to try to stay safe, I now have some dark blue hair, but that isn’t too much an issue for me (we’ll see about what work thinks in a hour or so). 109 more words