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The dance that we do.

Today is kinda a significant day in some ways.  Today I will be going back to volunteer for the charity I work for that has a presence in one of the local high schools at lunchtimes 3 days a week.   217 more words

Renewing Of The Mind

No Desire to Drink? What?!?

So I am having a CRAZY stressful day…and strangely enough, I have no desire to drink. Usually stress makes me want to dull the anxiety w. 45 more words

The Battle

Anthropomorphic Cuteness Part X: The Amazing World Of Gumball

What is this strange Amazing World Of Gumball show?! My kid was bored the other day & ended up on Cartoon Network. The below clip is what I saw. 37 more words

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You're a good good Father...

Our God is a good Father, isn’t he? I woke up this morning anxious… not crippling anxious, but anxious none-the-less… So I washed my car, and prayed while I did so… and the words, ‘Lord, let happen what you what to happen today.’ and I knew that I was going to a friends for coffee (tea) and I knew that there was potential after a chat with her last week where God invaded the conversation (in a challenging but a good way) that He would do so again… Only this time I guess I was willing to let Him invade the conversation and just do what He wanted to do with it.   363 more words

Renewing Of The Mind

Do you see that?

See that girl? The one laying there recovering? With the 5 o’clock shadow for hair and a drug induced coma?

There is an endless party going in her dreams right now because… the pathology is in from the double mastectomy and lymph node removal. 74 more words

Breast Cancer

A List of Things that Give me Anxiety

Loud Noise (TV, Concerts, Yelling) My half deaf husband can attest to this…every time he watches TV I pretty much go to bed…where I can calm down. 1,265 more words

The Battle

Communication.....Ups and Downs of...

I have been making an effort over the last 6 months to be more open about what is going inside the crazy ass mess that is in my head.   506 more words

The Battle