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Day One: This Already Sucks.

It’s hard to tell if I’m experiencing sugar withdrawal or if I’m just dying. I’ve googled “sugar withdrawal symptoms” about 12 times today and most blogs have confirmed this feeling of impending doom is okay. 283 more words


The battle is so very real...

So… when you’re surrounded by negativity and nagging it’s easy to get discouraged, right??  But what about when you’re in a generally positive place, but you still leave feeling discouraged… I had that today.   569 more words

Renewing Of The Mind

"Glad God was in control of the timetable today"

So I didn’t sleep all that soundly last night and it took me a while to drop off in the first place because for a while I was just an anxious bag of nerves.   741 more words

The Battle

When I am weak HE is strong.

I managed to sidestep a couple of mind-explosions today… just.  Its funny how your mind can still go on a rampage of ‘wait, why did that happen… why did it work out THAT way?… what did I do wrong to make this happen?!’  Its such a narrow, narrow line from that kind of thinking to the peace that God offers in knowing that He has it all covered, and the minor details aren’t actually that big a deal (even if the Enemy tries to make you obsess over them so that they become a big deal!)  I don’t think it’s a mistake that the Enemy uses seemingly small things to get at us… somehow it gets past our ‘God radar’ when it’s something small… what even IS that!? 358 more words

The Battle

The Urge to Give Up

I have been having an urge to give up. I don’t mean like suicide. I don’t have the balls for that. I mean running away. Its not something I would ever act on. 192 more words


I am me, and God is God.

Have you ever had a moment when you think ‘this is ok, it’s bearable… I can cope with this’ and then another curve ball comes in from left field that you weren’t expecting and BOOM everything suddenly gets very messy? 924 more words

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