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It was all around, burning some 80,000 acres round me and the others. There was no way out I thought. We’ll burn to death!                                                                                                  I am recalling some terrible moments that took place in the late 1970’s in west central Wisconsin, during the worst forest fire in the states history burning some 80,000 acres. 586 more words

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The Battle: An Artists Collaboration of Xzendor7 versus Bilal Smith

It no longer mattered who struck the first blow
all that mattered now
was that the battle had begun.
– Phi Omni

Xzendor7 and Bilal Smith have never met and yet through their art, they have prepared for this moment long ago. 94 more words



Since the first posting of Fathers Blog I stand amazed at His communication to you His children. I stand amazed at His pursuit of you. He is relentless. 474 more words

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Now that Father has spoken directly to His Human Creation about the reason He is pursuing you, doesn’t it seem imperative that we take a look at ourselves and our spiritual standing in the Fathers eyes? 54 more words

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End of a lull

There has been a lull since the Mains got over. My daily routine has been disrupted since then and I do not like being unproductive. As the Mains result date is drawing closer, the anxiety over result is also increasing. 159 more words

The Battle

The Battle by Blair Gaulton

The Battle
Ferocious wind gaggles.
Snow anvils body.
Umbowed with head up
he disappears into storm.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Feb 2015



We set a goal for ourselves and try to achieve it. We work out a plan, put our efforts and after some serious work become happy just by the thought of achieving our goal. 152 more words

The Battle