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The monster’s been released.
Devoured the sweet little girl within.

My sensitivity’s been erased.
Sentimentality fades away.

It’s a reflection of the human race,
Where humanity’s become inexistant. 63 more words


How it's Suppose to Be

It’s been five months now, that Tunes has left our house. I miss him a lot.

A few weeks ago my husband cleared out his room. 619 more words

Christian Living

A quick note on relativism

To make meaningful change, The Haven has to lessen its tight grasp on relativism. For one, it is ironic; they hold on to relativism (there being no right) as being truth. 175 more words




I used to think that dead things indeed die! And that anything that dies could never have desires or cravings. 435 more words


Occam's Razor

I loathe thinking that all of this has been building up to a single moment, and how cliche that single moment may end up being… I think I’ve got an idea of what it is. 152 more words

The Battle

Et al

I just wanted to clear some things up.

Integrity: I completely understand that a business cannot be expected to reveal negative traits. However, there’s a huge difference between “honesty is a core value” and “honesty is a core value to the extent that any business can be expected to have it.” The former is dishonest, the latter is meaningless. 316 more words

The Battle

Voldemort Effect: We need to talk. Still.

The Voldemort effect takes its name from Harry Potter–the character who cannot be named. Something cannot be confronted because people are too afraid to even acknowledge its existence. 138 more words

The Battle