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I’m getting around to outlining my thoughts on Irvin McDowell’s plan for the campaign on Manassas. If you’ve been following along, you know that I am firmly of the opinion that McDowell’s intentions and expectations for the campaign have been grossly misrepresented over the years, with resulting, understandable¬†effects on the analysis of the failure of his plans (keeping in mind that reasons for the failure of plans and¬†reasons for defeat are two very, very different things). 319 more words


The Battle

The war is raging inside of us every day with our thoughts, mind, heart, etc…

The battle continues on.

A real battle is happening.

It is not like the Jedi or Sith in Star Wars or Human vs Covenant in Halo. 25 more words




Can anybody hear me?

Shallow, shadow.

Lonely in a dark tunnel.

Echo, hello

A choir sings his praise

With a purity of soul

Bringing peace to the world? 39 more words


The Battle

The morning dawns bright and clear
Yet a silence hangs upon the land
As solid as any wall

The air is still
And the birds are silent… 224 more words



/NB: No offense should be taken by the content of this post, no judgements are passed. This post was written with lots of objectivity and only points of views are shared. 1,113 more words


SJW: Respect v Compassion

The Latin root of condescension
Means we all sink.

Seamus Heaney

University campuses have some interesting debates on free speech currently. Jordan B Peterson has some very interesting comments on the mother figure and how it has corrupted intellectual freedom, resiliency and free speech.

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The Battle