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Ever Been to Jail?

It seems like videos keep popping up online demonstrating a horrific level of police brutality across the greater United States. It almost seems to be an epidemic of sorts, geared predominantly towards the African-American community. 1,386 more words

Two Muslims Burn 14-Year-Old Christian Boy in Pakistan

Nuaman suffered burns covering more than 55 percent of his body.

Two local young Muslims going for Friday prayers to their mosque in Pakistan’s Lahore city beat up and set fire to a 14-year-old Christian boy after stopping him and asking his religious affiliation, according to a Christian group. 342 more words

End Times

Paul Di'Anno's Architects of Chaoz To Release Debut Album In May

It’s been about fifteen years since Paul Di’Anno, one of my favourite metal vocalists, last released an album of new material. That album was (like so much of Di’Anno’s work) the under-appreciated… 695 more words


Babylon by Bicycle ~ 90 Day Ironman ~ Part III

March was a challenging month. I made strides in the pool and on the bike, but I had nutritional shortcomings that led to an energy crash, and then to add insult to injury, I had a nasty bout of food poisoning the following week. 758 more words

Captain Morgan

New Video | Oh My - @BoogieTheBeast #W2TM

some new musuc from another dope indie artist out of califorina. Boogie hails from Long Beach off his new album “The Reach” coming summer 2015. This song can be downloaded on HNHH link below. 7 more words


Why is the scientific world abuzz about an unpublished paper? Because it could permanently change human DNA

Scientists around the world are anticipating the results of a Chinese study that would mark the first time DNA in a human embryo has been modified in a way that would carry into future generations. 703 more words


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The Chinese who the New World Order designated as the leaders of this century are rolling out new technology to engineer humans from generation to generation. They are attempting to GMO humans. Guys like Rockefeller praised China back in the 1970's for its communist police state formula that they are bringing into the United States with The Judas Goat Barack Obama. Remember Communists destroy tradition so they can implement their state propaganda which is all lies. Communist Core is the education model to destroy individuality in the world. This is just recycled slavery with different terms.

Syria: Mass Killing And Beheadings Reported After ISIS Takes Over Palestinian Refugee Camp In Damascus

In the kingdom of Islam, it apparently isn’t just Shia against Sunni. Now Hamas — a death-lovingSunni Islamic terror group responsible for mass murder… 497 more words

End Times