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The Beast: BM BS is such a BS

The Beast

BM BS is such a BS

Lies, lies, lies, make the BM such a BS of a BS.

Flies, flies, flies, make up the mind of BM BS. 184 more words

Negros Oriental

Digging Deep and Things

Today’s practice was insanity. We rode our hill repeats loop course this morning — five loops of a ten kilometer course featuring a steep (15-17% grade) hill followed by a long, flowing, fast descent. 911 more words


The Beast is a big 3D printer for big ideas

The Beast lets Makers simultaneously 3D print four identical objects.

Typically speaking, bigger 3D printers mean bigger prices. However, thanks to one Australian startup, that may no longer be the case. 431 more words


What's This? What's This!

What is this feeling? It feels like my eyes are all the way open. It feels like the world is a little crisper, a little brighter. 874 more words


Report: Christians Are Being Used As A “Form Of Currency” By ISIS As Mass Kidnappings Continue

Psalm 7:9, “… let the evil of the wicked come to an end, and may you establish the righteous …”

In Islamic teaching, Muslim believers are to be the slaves of Allah while non-believers are to be the slaves of Muslims. 704 more words

End Times

ISIS Group Issues Chilling Warning To America, “Soon, Very Soon You Will See”

If these threats come to fruition, even once, it’ll be more proof that the peaceful religion of the all-merciful and all-compassionate “Allah” has a perverted definition of peace, mercy and compassion. 349 more words

End Times

Report: ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America, “We Are Facing A Full-Blown Islamic Insurgency Inside Our Borders”

But, but, according to Barack Hussein Obama, Islam is a religion of peace that “has a proud tradition of tolerance” and is “at the forefront of innovation and education” that “helped unlock the secrets of our universe.” I mean, even… 885 more words

End Times