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Canada: Muslims guilty of conspiracy to murder in railway jihad plot

“Esseghaier, who is unrepresented and has refused to participate in the trial because he believes he should be judged only under the Qur’an.” Why don’t all the moderate Muslim spokesmen in Canada and the U.S. 311 more words

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Islamic State claims Yemen mosque bombings, death toll now 142

“Infidel Huthis should know that the soldiers of the Islamic State will not rest until they eradicate them… and cut off the arm of the Safavid (Iranian) plan in Yemen.” Is a large-scale Sunni-Shi’ite jihad all across the region looming? 383 more words

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Islamic State destroys fourth-century Mar Benham Monastery in Iraq

Besides removing supposed temptations to idolatry, Islamic jihadists want to ruin the artifacts of non-Muslim civilizations because doing so testifies to the truth of Islam, as the Qur’an suggests that ruins are a sign of Allah’s punishment of those who rejected his truth: 506 more words

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Islamophobes murder 30 in mosque bombings in Yemen — no, wait…

Triple suicide bombings targeting mosques — who would do such a thing but greasy Islamophobes? This is an outrage! Call the Center for American Progress! Get them to issue a new edition of their“ Islamophobia” report! 268 more words

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Get ready for Erdoğan’s caliphate, Turkey’s ruling party official says

Fuat Özgür Çalapkulu has come under some fire for saying this, but in reality, many (both for and against) have remarked upon Erdoğan’s desire to restore the Ottoman caliphate. 322 more words

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Rediscovering Childhood Joy... Part 5 "Krull"

Another movie from my childhood. One I watched A LOT! One I haven’t seen in a long time because I own it on VHS tape and we no longer have a working VCR. 1,384 more words

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Cause for conCERN? Is Armageddon coming?

Terrible pun aside, there is a lot in the news lately that Armageddon coming. It’s pretty much connected to the CERN Super Collider project where they are trying to recreate the big bang. 553 more words