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Why You Should Stop Being So Easily Offended

Due to today’s political environment many are saying we are living in the last days. A fellow told me  he realized we are living in the last days, when Donald Trump was elected and named his motorcade limo “The Beast.” 561 more words


Revelation 3:16-17

Have you read the last book of the Bible–what we call Revelation–given by God to John, the Apostle of Jesus? Are you familiar with the passage about the infamous “mark of the beast,” and if you are, have you ever wondered how it’ll actually happen in practice that someone who doesn’t have that mark will not be able to buy or sell? 1,465 more words

Finding Purpose in the Journey in Lockjaw 2

By Patrick Ehlers

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

“Animals may not understand our every word, but when it comes to tone?

480 more words
Patrick Ehlers

Coaster of the Week: The Beast

Park: Kings Island (Mason, Ohio)

Height: 110 ft.

Speed: 65 mph.

Length: 7,359 ft.

Inversions: 0

Year opened: 1979

Type: Wooden, terrain-hugging layout

Manufacturer: Kings Island… 29 more words

Theme Park

Well, that was a tad nippy...

It’s not often we get “interesting” weather in these parts but I can safely say that March, 2018 has been…. Interesting.

And apparently we’re in for a white Easter… That’s going to bugger it up for the bunnies!

Manual 365

The Beast in this Technological Age

What form might the Beast referenced in Revelation take? What signs and wonders will the beast perform that people (including Christians) will worship it? I am going to look at this from a technological perspective because I do not believe the beast will perform anything that can only be explained as magic. 1,017 more words