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Han kom han pratade och han drog.

Männen skrev ivrigt om The Beast. Kvinnor undrade om hur man skulle ta sig till flygplatsen.

Obama var här. Män och kvinnor  såg olika saker. Som för det mesta. 277 more words


Will the spirit of Nimrod truly return?

I am sharing a study on certain words pertaining to the sons of God (i.e., fallen angels) who had taken wives of the daughters of men and the consequent introduction of their hybridized offspring into God’s creation.  1,317 more words

Wake Up!

Joshua Tree Shaped Like a Hydra

I had a bizarre twist of fate that forced me to stay I nevada. I could not get out of town back to detroit on sunday but I had to stay until tuesday.   344 more words


Full Blue Moon

“Go ahead”, She said. The corner of her mouth turned up in the slightest smile. “Show them your temper. Show them the beast.” Her laughter filled the air ringing through the night.

Coming July 31, 2015




The ingredients of life are collected from a vast and tumultuous sea of (to us) invisible energy comprised of an unimaginable number of potential particles, all of them connected to each and every other in myriad multidimensional chains. 1,419 more words

Spirit & Soul

See what came to pick President Obama as he arrives Kenya!

President Obama has arrived Kenya. A bullet proof limousine car nicked “the beast” was used to pick him up from the Airport.

According to AFP news agency, the car which which was flown in from US has 8 inch thick steel plates,5 inch bullet proof glass, Kevlar reinforced tyres and a presidential blood bank in the boot



10 Facts You Dont Know About President Obama's Limousine "The Beast"

When President Barack Obama’s motorcade pilots its way through our nation’s capital today as part of his second inauguration, the world will get one of its best looks at the Cadillac limousine nicknamed “The Beast.” 967 more words