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We Bet You Don't Know The Original Title Of These 15 Notable Rap Albums

An album title is an extremely important part of an MC’s creative process. The name carries their body of music and serves as a representation for the sound of a certain stage in their career. 836 more words


Music Review: Drake- Hotline Bling

When I first witnessed the mix up of bad dance moves and big booties that is Hotline Bling I believe I stared at the screen for a while speechless after which I repeated the words “what the hell did I just watch” at least ten times. 549 more words

Glen E. Friedman: ‘I’m Trying To Wake People Up’

Inspiring words from one of my favorite photographers:

I guess I live for just continuing to inspire people with things that I’ve learned. I have a particular lifestyle, I have a particular view of the world, and I would like to inspire more people to think for themselves — and maybe in the same direction that I do.

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Music Monday

I was getting lunch for the kids a few weeks ago, the baby started crying and my 4 year old started singing to her. I walked around the corner to the living room and found he was singing the chorus of Brass Monkey. 20 more words

Music Monday

Is The Def Jam Story The Next Hip-Hop Biopic?

Does this look familiar to you? Do you remember Krush Groove?

This movie is called “Krush Groove” and it was supposedly the story of early Def Jam, made in 1985! 184 more words


Open letter to NYC - The Beastie Boys

The Beasties call all New Yorkers to unite on their ode to the Big Apple.  For me, their best piece of work and an insane video to boot.

Enjoy :)

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10 Songs From America In The 1990s

Britpop partly came about as a rebellion against American rock. We sucked it up here, but strangely Britpop didn’t export well across the Atlantic. It’s funny now to think that the likes of Menswear, Cast and Sleeper were necessary as an alternative to any of the following songs from US bands. 772 more words