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To Die Alone

I went walking down the street on Friday afternoon with a friend who was lamenting his love life, or the dim prospect of the demise of his love life. 1,648 more words


Then I Grew Up

…and the beauty of succulent illusions fell away from me.

And you fell away from me and into her arms. And now everyone else follows suit. 329 more words

Let me take a #shelfie - The Beautiful and The Damned

Book reviews from the library!

 The Beautiful and The Damned- a tale of overindulgence and corruption too perversely intense to be comfortable.

This book is a difficult one. 566 more words


Sincerely, F. Scott Fitzgerald

I discovered this recently, it’s a BBC show from a couple of years back that isn’t currently available on iPlayer – but it IS on Youtube, though divided into four parts. 8 more words


Is The Great Gatsby the Greatest Novel Ever?

Everybody has a favourite book. Reading is something that is very personal to just us. Opinions are subjective and the way in which we interpret and understand the words on the page differs from person to person. 2,899 more words

On F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful and the Damned"

What do get when you put a shallow, narcissistic, entitled, lazy man in a room with a shallow, narcissistic, entitled, selfish woman? Now add classism, money (or the lack thereof), and a pinch of self-loathing. 898 more words

Book Review

“Things are sweeter when they’re lost. I know—because once I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted badly, Dot, and when I got it it turned to dust in my hand.” 7 more words