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Well, What Good Is It If You Don't Know The Author

I have come to the conclusion that I can never have a Tumblr that is a place where I can express my thoughts, and actually feel as though that I am not being judged or ignored.  272 more words

Get To Know The Author

A New Start

Life sometimes throws ‘curve balls’
Seemingly out of nowhere:
They blindside, rob you clean of your voice.

You open your mouth
Or wield the pen… 63 more words

The Beginning

Work, Pregnancy and Being "Let Go"

Tired, I rested and slept as much as I could. I worked for a private college at the beginning of my pregnancy. English as a Second Language Department (ESL) is where I worked.   134 more words

The Beginning


Smells, food, everything bothered me. I couldn’t believe how hormones could do that! Pizza gave me the worst indigestion and acid reflux and a rude awakening, I was not able to each pizza during my first pregnancy or my last.   67 more words

The Beginning

Essential reading

You could sum up what I know about mechanics on the edge of a postage stamp – I’m that bad. Well, I’m pretty sure I could change spark plugs but that’s about it. 184 more words

The Beginning

day one

Today I dropped off the person I love at the airport to leave for the Peace Corps. I felt like every single bit of my soul was shredded to pieces. 234 more words

The Beginning

Why the hell did I start a blog?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

It was late one Tuesday night, while rugged up and without sleep I lay. I thought to myself, “surely there is something I could fill these sleepless hours with?” For I would usually practice guitar, but in these dark and eerie hours I had no intention of waking my slumbering household. 59 more words

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