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The Packing Dilemma!

Holy Moses !

My study looks like a bomb has hit it. Over the last week I have found myself pulling items out of drawers, cupboard and wardrobes with a blase “this must come with me”, “I just can’t survive without this” attitude. 515 more words

The Beginning

The Beginning

One of my very first photos – at least with SLR. I took it just before we started a trek at Waterton Lakes National Park.

By: LiorY


Begin Again...

So apparently, I’m that guy…. Starting a blog (or two), because the world doesn’t have enough of those right? Yeah, I know, but after going round and round in my mind about, I decided to just go for it. 162 more words

Getting Started

Let's Get This Started!!

Hello, and Welcome to Tales of Left Field!

I have started this site as a way to voice the randomness that occurs to me on a daily basis. 53 more words

Getting Started

The Ball (True Personal Change) The Best Authentic You.

1. The “Will” to want to change. Without the will to change you don’t even have the ball. One must possess the will to change before they can hold the ball. 255 more words

The Beginning...

Hello folks!

This blog is a documentation of my experiences purchasing, cleaning, mildly refurbishing, and living in my Alaskan camper.

This past spring, I purchased a vintage Alaskan camper bolted to the bed of a 1991 Ford F250 Diesel truck.   240 more words

Alaskan Camper

The Beginning

Hello World!

My name is Lindsay and I am, by nature, a writer. It’s how I work things out, how I process things. It’s my best mode of communication. 282 more words