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This is me.

Well if we’re going to be spending some time together, then we might as well get to know one another. I guess I’ll go first. 653 more words

The Beginning

Legit Day 1 - look at me, ma, I'm failing!

OH SHEEEIT. I actually bought 20 shares of a stock today; buyer’s remorse is kicking in, hardcore.  The original plan was to buy shares in 3 separate companies, but after a bit further review, I held off on 2 until they drop a bit further. 89 more words

Breaking addiction

The hardest decision to make is to change. I decided to quit smoking. I know it’s going to take a lot of concentration and dedication to make this a reality. 682 more words

The Beginning

Here we go again. Again.

This is actually my second go at writing a blog about my experiences being overweight and attempting to lose some of that weight. But that didn’t pan out so well. 493 more words

The Beginning


As a child I thought life was magical. I lived in a small, agricultural town where no one thought twice about letting their kids out of the house for the entire day to race around the streets on our bikes, play in the woods that were part of our lawn, or wander down to the one of the only stores in town to buy a piece of candy or gum. 950 more words

My Crazy Brain


Things have changed.  I had a relapse in July and I’m currently recovering. Mostly I’m lost in DIY, photography, creating collages and writing – my diary, short stories and other projects. 41 more words


Dirty to clean

The day finally came where I sent that text “I GIVE UP”! I meant it with every bit of my soul. I dragged on and on for years and had nothing but a list of failures to show for it. 464 more words

The Beginning