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Hello world!

After a life of being over weight and obese, my life is about to change.  After 9 years of trying everything to lose weight, fit into the “norm”, I have decided to Love me for who I am.  549 more words

The Beginning

Theory Thursday #2!

This theory is quite……. I don’t really know what to say about it.

The Ekypyrotic Scenario

“Here’s something that scientist hipsters argue as a viable alternative to the theory that no-one has successfully disproved in, like, forever. 167 more words

Massive Content Coming Your Way...Real Soon!

It will be site overload. I promise. Best and sucker free content with imagery you can die for. In this life we call world, we should own up to what we really want in this game called LIFE. 97 more words

The Beginning

There's No Place Like Home...

In the middle of February, a week and a half into the stay at the Mirabeau and with the delayed permits at that point suggesting it would be a while before we had a place in Lausanne to call home (that would also cost less than 200 CHF a night) we decided to book tickets back to London for some creature comforts – namely at that point some hot food and home cooked meals. 598 more words


08/08/14 The Beginning

The sun was setting as my mom, brother & I made our way to one of our last roller coasters of the day.  As the line grew shorter I could see the coaster cars approaching the boarding station.   245 more words

The Beginning

I place the brain in its' skull....

When I finally find my rhythm and I am the one eager to push forward.  When I can’t help but mould and mash a character of no charm, or carefully fine tune a delicate life, an angry spirit, that tortured soul….nothing can stop me.   117 more words


The Beginning.

Thea pulled down her short, black dress under her over-coat awkwardly as she stepped out of the cab. The cold wind of December brushed her naked legs, making goosebumps rise up. 812 more words

Writing Process