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My first blog post!

Oh yeah! i got to start my own blog!  …….. so what now? oh right..


This is a blog to cover my hobbies and interest and also to share some information which some might found useful. 

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The Beginning

Another first of many

A few days ago,as the babies were down for their 10 o’clock nap,I started writing. I began typing of the days right before I found out about the quads. 173 more words

Introduction (Part XI)

Extract from Dr Harris’s affidavit:

I came to the Cardona lab expecting to meet a brilliant man and I was not disappointed. Roberto was everything his papers suggested he would be.

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The New "Boom" -Dissecting Philadelphia

Here is an article that helps to break down, in incredible detail, might I add, what the new “Boom” is going on in my adopted home of Philadelphia.   23 more words

The Beginning...


Well done Dyane on setting up a bipolar support group in her area – a really brave thing to do.You inspired me to write this post about attending a support group. 481 more words


dyane reblogged this on Birth of a New Brain and commented:

While I'm not returning to my olden, golden days when I posted every day (blahpolar, can you believe I did that?) and I LOVED it, I might be posting more than 1/x for a while...we shall see. Thanks SO much to my kind friend Aisling of Dublin over @ Bipolar Balance (a wonderful new blog!) for the shout-out and for an excellent, informative post about her personal experience with a support group. She delineates the benefits so well & it really is inspiring. Enjoy!!! And have a great day! Dyane p.s. I WILL read/reply to the lovely comments some of you wrote recently a.s.a.p. - prepping for the support group gobbled up my extra time/energy the past few days!

The Finish of the First Chapter!

The first chapter is finished! Huzzah! It’s rather invigorating, finally finishing a chapter of a book that’s been trapped inside of me for so long. The poetry of it is there in the words, and I cannot wait for you all to be able to read it. 176 more words

Chapter One

An argument with myself.

When I realized that I may have miscalculated the number of carbs in the cupcakes I baked (of which I consumed 2) I stopped in my tracks, turned cold and started to sweat. 557 more words

The Beginning