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On August 31st, The Beginning (a genre-bending mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror) will be available on Amazon.

The Beginning is Malak’s first novel, and is a genre-bending mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. 151 more words


Houston, we have a house!

After more than a decade of deployments, underways, and constant separations, our family has finally reached the moment that we’ve been waiting for: shore duty. 118 more words

The Beginning

Reminder: Read Through Program and School Policies

Students need to familiarize themselves with all policies listed on the blog and are expected to adhere to them throughout the program. Please see the list below and feel free to ask us any questions about them. 172 more words


Day One.

I feel space. Space between my hands, space beneath my chest, and space inside my head.

I feel blank. Like my universe is a piece of work that has been left dead for years. 1,522 more words

The Beginning

Going against the grain.

It’s not until I suffered from severe depression and anxiety that I realised the sheer amount of BS people post on social media. I, myself, can be accused of doing such a thing in the past, and am now working on changing my ways. 317 more words



When I was younger, I loved God so so much, I could do anything to make sure my lifestyle was one that would please God.. 255 more words