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Day 1 - The Beginning

So this is my first blog post, so I guess it is only right for me to introduce myself. I’m The Mac, or just Mac or M for short, and I am creating this blog just for an escape, to free my mind and let my thoughts be heard. 565 more words

High School


As you can tell by the lack of ‘coolness’ and large blank pages, we are new to this!

Every teen has those crazy moments of… 397 more words


26 and Dreaming.

Last month I had the pleasure of turning 26. I wasn’t sure I was going to. I was thinking about staying 25 for another year or two. 118 more words

The Beginning

And so it begins.

Anxiety is a funny thing. And while I am excited about my plans and what I am beginning, there is a part of me that is saying that it’s all too hard. 113 more words

Mental Health

When we first met..

At the laundry room, I had a long day cleaning with my clothes I’ve used that week. A week of excitement and fun swimming, trips to Lake Cebu, farm visitation  with my sister Noemi and Auntie Becca. 632 more words

Here Goes Nothing...

I am a normal, everyday girl… There’s nothing that special about me; except here, on this blog, is where I’m able to tell it how it is. 281 more words


My journey to onehundredandthirteen.


I have some lofty goals for the coming months.  And that is where this blog comes in.  It’s mainly for me. To keep me accountable. 136 more words

Mental Health