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The Beginning: Book 2: The Forest

Loud trumpets blew throughout the camp. Brave Badger was sitting in her tent sewing a shirt when she heard the loud trumpets.  She dropped the shirt and ran to a large field where all the Hiders where gathered. 102 more words

The Beginning

The Beginning

The Beginning is in the Hiders series. The books in this series are: Survival, The Force, and The Waterfall. So far I have written Survival. I will write the others soon, thanks for your patience and consideration! 196 more words

The Beginning


Welcome to 2017.  Sorry that I haven’t written for awhile.  The next few months in my story are very hard to live through again.  Added to that I have been extremely busy with my new business and now my story feels like it is about to take a deeper turn here in 2017. 524 more words

The Beginning

Food can bring light into the darkness.

What does this post title and website main slogan mean to you?

To me, it means that food can help brighten your day when your feeling sad. 2,787 more words

Background Story

Eight months later

I’m amazed of how hope can trick you, but is it really hope or something else? Madness?

It’s been eight months since I had the worst crisis with my husband.   1,124 more words


How to Designate Your Preferred Name on Your NYU ID

You can opt to have your preferred name on your NYU ID rather than your legal name. The preferred name is pulled from the “Registry,” which feeds the Card system as well as the NYU Directory.  91 more words