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Grimm Season 5 Episode 16

Grimm Season 5 Episode 16

The Believer

Nick also found out about Rachel, he tells them that Eve got assassin. He tells them Rachel is black claw, and Sean’s campaign. 234 more words


Today's Meditation (4.18.18)

Matthew 16:16-18 (AMP)

He who has believed and has been baptized will be saved ; but he who has not believed will be condemned. 17 These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will get well.” 11 more words


Drowning In a River of Murky Thought

Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. We fixate on mistakes. We justify indulging cravings we can’t control. We think we hear the baby crying, but it’s just the breeze. 457 more words


Etgar Keret--"September All Year Long" illustrated by Danica Novgorodoff (The Believer Vol. 14, No. 2: October/November 2017)

SOUNDTRACK: THE LEMON TWIGS-Tiny Desk Concert #694 (January 17, 2018).

I first heard The Lemon Twigs on All Songs Considered and found their albums to be quite a lot of retro pop fun. 824 more words

Short Story

Jesus Is Everywhere in Port-au-Prince, but So Is Vodou

The massive earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 left thousands homeless and desperate, struggling to find the strength to rebuild their lives. As usual, opportunistic preachers emerged to sell them comfort and make sense of it all. 405 more words


The Overlook Hotel: On a Post-Human Earth

A relook at Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining as a ‘hopeless vision of human folly’.

At the very least, if such a glimpse is possible, I hope some of us summon enough shining to appreciate it.

95 more words

Elena Ferrante--My Brilliant Friend [Book One of the Neapolitan Novels] (2012) [translation 2012] [331 pages total]

SOUNDTRACK: PHOEBE BRIDGERS-Tiny Desk Concert #677 (November 27, 2017).

Phoebe Bridgers has an incredibly delicate voice.  And yet despite its delicacy it is also really powerful (as evidenced by the note she holds at the end of “Motion Sickness”). 1,377 more words

Tiny Desk Concert