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Opinions: The Best of the Worst - Turrets (Portal)

Turrets (Portal and Portal 2, Valve)

There are not many enemies within the Aperture Science testing rooms (beyond GLaDOS’ constant, incessant presence), but the main direct antagonists to Chell’s attempts to stay alive are the adorably lethal turrets. 87 more words


Opinions: The Best of the Worst - Verdugo (Resident Evil 4)

Verdugo (Resident Evil 4)

In a game full of epic and memorable boss encounters, Verdugo stands tall among the pack of nasties Leon Kennedy has to battle on his mission. 239 more words


Opinion: The Best of the Worst - Lynels (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

LYNELS – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I went with an oldie but goodie last time, but for our second entry I wanted to focus on a brilliant revival of one of… 292 more words


Opinions: The Best of the Worst - Phanto (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Welcome to a new feature here at LVLS, which is in actuality an old feature once known as “Enemy Encounters”…but now modernized and rebranded! Like you care. 172 more words


Kill Lincoln Announces "Short and Sweet Summer Vacation Tour" with Fairhaven!

Kill Lincoln will be knocking off the rust to play a string of West Coast dates in July! The band is even making a stop at Ska-Mic Con to play with Reel Big Fish. 81 more words