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Tanned again today but it was just Dmitri. Ai stopped by for maybe half an hour though, which was nice. Dmitri challenged me and said he could tap me out standing up before I could take him down, so I got him with a takedown the first one and he wanted a rematch. 98 more words

Random video from one of the “dates”

Regarding the bet as I have been hanging out with Dmitri more and everyone seems to want to have their two cents on the matter, he had told Rick to put in a good word today at Combat Corner (this picture is from yesterday, 4/8) and apparently Rick said that when all the guys put the three new jiujitsu girls in order of hotness at the beginning of the year, Dmitri had ranked me at the top. 52 more words

So Friday Dmitri snapchatted me a video (I was crying randomly and didn’t know why right before I got it) saying “Hey girl so I heard you were single… and I’m single. 397 more words

Left picture is last night and the other one is from tuesday night when Rick, Casey and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings then Walmart at midnight and I jokingly snapchatted Dmitri back saying I missed him. 32 more words

Yesterday during the day hanging out with a Dmitri and Kofi
He likes to send videos and snapchats of me to his friends back home to see what they think for some reason even though I tell him not to 32 more words

The bet has begun. Dmitri snapchatted me asking if it was still happening and I said yeah, so he said coffee on Sunday. I said no and he said it wasn’t fair if I didn’t give him a chance so he said his seduction starts now. 101 more words