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Proditio – A Tale of BETRAYAL (Episode 10)

I stared at him angrily and in shock for a while, before rushing back to my room in tears. “Baby I’m sorry!!!” I heard him apologize as he followed me, but I shut my door and locked it before he could enter. 639 more words

David Adesina

Proditio- The Betrayal (Episode 8-9)

The memory really was so painful because it was the first time a guy laid his hands on me. It all happened one fateful evening when we were alone together in his room, he carried me on his laps and began to touch me as usual. 692 more words

David Adesina

Review: "Fear Street Saga #1: The Betrayal" by R.L. Stine

Before we get to the review, I just want to throw in one little disclaimer about it being “a day late.” Shift work is really great as a secondary job for an author. 749 more words

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Proditio - The Betrayal (Episode 7)

He thrust in again and again, while I dug my fingers on his chest as I endured the pain silently, cos I saw he was enjoying it and so in order to make him happy I let him have his way. 461 more words

David Adesina

Proditio - The Betrayal (Episode 6)

I still vividly remember that fateful night as if it was yesterday. The day I thought I was doing the right thing for the guy I loved and adored…. 725 more words

David Adesina

Proditio - The Betrayal (Episode 5)

I was unable to concentrate on the remaining part of the movie I was watching after I broke his kiss, cos all my thoughts were now on him, and even though I was the one who broke his kiss, I still wanted him to kiss me so badly, but then I had to control myself, cos I’m nothing but a humble girl who has her pride and dignity to protect, and so I stood up minutes later, while he stared at me with his innocent face which always make me lose focus…….. 486 more words

David Adesina

Proditio - The Betrayal (Episode 4)

I was watching the last movie when I noticed him sit beside me on the floor, with two bottles of coke and a packet of crackers biscuit, which made me smile to myself, as I focused all my attention on the movie which was showing on his television set…… 430 more words

David Adesina