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The Big 3: Billboard's MVPs

Last night during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, so many artists were in attendance, but the artists that made the most impact throughout the night were… 546 more words


The Supers

Kids have the wildest, most amazing imagination. Often times they don’t share many of the thoughts their minds process, but the times they do, I’m always amazed. 787 more words

The Big 3

The Gift

One of the elements of parenting I focus on is making sure my kids have a healthy and happy childhood. To set the record straight, I’m not one of those parents, who feels my kids’ happiness is tantamount to the beginning and end of my existence, but I do want to create memories and experiences that will stay with them for years to come. 773 more words

The Big 3

Big Three

We say: First came….

Keith says: Me.

We say: And Dad said….

Keith says: He!

We say: Then came….

Kris says: Me.

We say: And Mom said… 538 more words

The Big 3

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Family traditions

old and new,

what works for me

may not work for you.

The important thing is

we work together

to make memories

that will last forever. 605 more words

The Big 3

When I was Your Age...

Now that I’m a parent, I often times reflect on my childhood and the way my parents raised me. When I was younger, there were many times when I wondered why they would make me do things that didn’t make sense to me. 766 more words

The Big 3

I Remember When...

When it comes to famous artists, particularly musicians and actors, we’ve all seen interviews or specials, where parents, a teacher, or family friend tells the, “I Remember When” story about that person. 561 more words

The Big 3