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Today is biopsy day - Don't judge me.

I woke up this morning not at all sure how to feel about this.  Of course everyone who knows (and I haven’t told many people) is telling me to “stay positive” and that it’s “most likely nothing.”  And that’s likely to be true. 423 more words


📺 4 TV shows that could do with more recognition

1. Orphan Black

A sci-fi show starring Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning, a British born con-artist living in America . The show starts with Sarah witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. 366 more words



Cancer and the Miracle of Life

The purpose of this particular blog is give a boost to all those out there who are facing the dilemma of illness. 830 more words



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It’s WORLD CANCER DAY!!!  It’s a day to honor the lives of those who succumbed to it, but also a day to celebrate those who overcame it.  596 more words


Showtime crosses border to Canada

Series including The Affair and Ray Donovan will have a new home in Canada after a deal was made to bring US premium cable channel Showtime north of the border. 88 more words


The C Word

I wrote this some time ago and I felt that I’d like to share it tonight. Another leg of the caterpillar. 🐛 As always, comments are welcome.

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Show Re-watch

I love rewatching a show which has completely finished and start it from the pilot all the way to the final without stopping. It used to be Desperate Housewives which I always rewatch but now I have other shows which I can add to watch again. 64 more words

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