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Today I go for a PET scan. Basically cancer like junk food. So they shoot you through with glucose, so in a way I become a piece of junk food. 203 more words

Blind Guys Break 80

Fading on Chemo

I talked to my oncologist and I am not doing my fourth round of chemo…

“A week ago, a spirit of health visited me. It has happened once before to me. 264 more words

Fred Reiss

What is Chemo like?

The best way I can describe the land of chemo. Imagine yourself stripped down, perhaps in whatever remains of your street clothes, which are in rags. 183 more words

Gidget Must Die

How to Understand Cancer

A way to understand a person who is going through cancer. It’s not a movie but you have to do your own stunts. People will say, “Look forward to when you’ll be able to eat, and you’re well and can do all the things you used to do.” Well none of that works. 109 more words

Gidget Must Die

The Big Sea to Fight The Big C

I paddled out to the ocean. I am a kook. I’m trying to sweat out the chemo. My legs are heavy. But I pull my arms through the water–I’m on a search, and hope the waves can return my journey. 415 more words

Fred Reiss

CD buddies and caregivers

Me with my chemo pelt hairstyle. Hanging backstage with Greg Kihn and Robert “hair Products” Berry. Poising with the new CD . You can help support my cancer battle by purchasing books or my CD on this site. 58 more words

Fred Reiss

Get my new CD

Here is a 25 track CD of me reading segments from two of my different cancer books. It’s funny, moving, and informative. I have had testicular cancer twice, and currently fighting esophageal cancer. 42 more words

Gidget Must Die