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Mindy Raf is keeping her kidneys...

What’s true romance to you? For some, it’s flowers, candles and lacy knickers. To others, it’s marrying your high school sweetheart and settling in the suburbs. 378 more words

Edinburgh Fringe

Getting our fiercest fashion on in St Andrews

Prêt-à-porter, haute couture, and fashion, fashion fashion! It’s all we can think about, as we prepare to help BID St Andrews deliver the live elements of their first ever… 219 more words

Civil Disobedience

The pow of a punchline to the Big C

This morning I remembered how after I finished by set, a woman in the crowd smiled and repeated one of my punchlines, as if she was savoring its taste. 142 more words

Gidget Must Die

Clogged to unclogged

Time for a steroid injection from the wonderful Dr. Zen Majuk in my esophagus to loosen up the scar tissue and make it floppy so I can swallow some food instead of being a drip center for soup and yogurt. 276 more words

Fred Reiss

Acupressure: needling

If I had a twin brother would acupuncture be voodoo? Yes, trying to fight against neuropathy in hands and feet. You have to take an adversarial approach to chemo going after your healthy parts of the body. 81 more words

Gidget Must Die

What the cool ghoul did to Freddy-7

What John Zacherly does for me.

The cool ghoul crypt-kicked into the grave at 96,

I listened to Dinner With Drac a few times, Then I remembered when I was around seven and heard the song, I listened to it over and over again and then pantomimed the song and acted it out. 155 more words

Gidget Must Die

Cancer wisdom

Some observations having cancer, fighting it, having it, fighting it, and having it and fighting it, have given me—three for math people you can say I’m an exponent not a proponent. 126 more words

Gidget Must Die