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Acupressure: needling

If I had a twin brother would acupuncture be voodoo? Yes, trying to fight against neuropathy in hands and feet. You have to take an adversarial approach to chemo going after your healthy parts of the body. 81 more words

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What the cool ghoul did to Freddy-7

What John Zacherly does for me.

The cool ghoul crypt-kicked into the grave at 96,

I listened to Dinner With Drac a few times, Then I remembered when I was around seven and heard the song, I listened to it over and over again and then pantomimed the song and acted it out. 155 more words

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Cancer wisdom

Some observations having cancer, fighting it, having it, fighting it, and having it and fighting it, have given me—three for math people you can say I’m an exponent not a proponent. 126 more words

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Believe in the tag out with the Big C

Did my chemo regimentation yesterday, Hooked up through a port. Catch-and-release program. The only barbed hook are the side effects–er, effects, nothing side about anything that hits you in the face. 335 more words

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The Call Home

Someone once told me
Under the guise of care,
Of the whispers in the rain
Falling unheeded, repeating
The mundane, the extraordinary,
Those conversations spun around… 115 more words


Summer Indie Book Awards

Hey folks – it’s September 1st and that means voting has begun for the Summer Indie Book Awards. I am thrilled to announce that my books have been nominated in a number of categories. 132 more words


What it feels like to have the big "C"

Now that I’m four rounds into my chemotherapy (five rounds…as of this coming Friday), I feel like I have a pretty good perspective on what it’s like to have cancer. 1,784 more words