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I have a friend, who is very close to me – we virtually grew up together, sharing food, books, and a lot more. We stayed close by then, so we were in each other’s house almost every other day. 839 more words

To Spleen or Not to Spleen

Life with a Spleen

Doctor: So you’ve had a high fever for 3 days so far?

Me: Yeah.

Doctor: Suck it up Sally. 208 more words

The Big C

James Naughton Interviews Laura Linney at Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts

Here’s a disturbing thought: Laura Linney almost didn’t become an actress. “I fought against it for a long time; I felt I had to earn it,” she explained in an interview with actor/director James Naughton at Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter Auditorium on March 6. 861 more words


Mindy Raf is keeping her kidneys...

What’s true romance to you? For some, it’s flowers, candles and lacy knickers. To others, it’s marrying your high school sweetheart and settling in the suburbs. 378 more words

Edinburgh Fringe

Getting our fiercest fashion on in St Andrews

Prêt-à-porter, haute couture, and fashion, fashion fashion! It’s all we can think about, as we prepare to help BID St Andrews deliver the live elements of their first ever… 219 more words

Civil Disobedience

The pow of a punchline to the Big C

This morning I remembered how after I finished by set, a woman in the crowd smiled and repeated one of my punchlines, as if she was savoring its taste. 142 more words

Gidget Must Die

Clogged to unclogged

Time for a steroid injection from the wonderful Dr. Zen Majuk in my esophagus to loosen up the scar tissue and make it floppy so I can swallow some food instead of being a drip center for soup and yogurt. 276 more words

Fred Reiss