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This list is a bit overdue, but I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my looong break from the strenuous life of college. 603 more words

Life & Beyond

The Big Chop!!!!!

For years I’ve contemplated cutting my hair, and on May 3, 2018 I finally did it.

The big chop has been something I’ve always been afraid of doing because of the things other people would say or think. 262 more words

Hair Journey

The Big Chop

Thanks for joining me!

Ahhh I finally have a place to talk about my natural hair journey!

My hair has stressed me out for most of my life, but now it has become one of my favorite parts about myself. 929 more words


Don't Let Your Curls Define You.

So you have finally made it. After 5 years of getting the big chop, releasing you from your damaged ends your curls are now popping. Free of silicones, parabens and sulphates you got all the curly girl friendly products. 779 more words

The Big Chop

I’ve contemplated cutting my hair many many times. I’ve never actually gone through it, until now that is. I woke up last week and had this overwhelming need to cut it. 310 more words

Guest Post: Kmia Kali

My Natural Journey

I started my natural hair journey my senior year at Eastern Michigan University 2014.

A little back story… I faithfully got my hair permed every 3-6 months prior to me going to college(high school). 499 more words

Black Community

Day 3: Why I Cut My Hair

I recently cut my hair. Short. Like a boy. A fvck boy to be honest, but no matter.

To many, it came as a shock which is understandable because I never expressed to people how badly I’ve wanted to cut my hair since 2014. 648 more words