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The Graceful "Big Chop" Chicks of 2017

 The Graceful “Big Chop” Chicks of 2017

Boldness, Conviction and love for your hair, diversity, and having the courage in all the busyness of life… at The Dressed 365 Studio I do celebrate my 2nd Anniversary of The Big Chop with my natural glory of also being fearless…and I Love it! 161 more words


The Big Chop

I’ve contemplated cutting my hair many many times. I’ve never actually gone through it, until now that is. I woke up last week and had this overwhelming need to cut it. 310 more words


 5 Reasons why You Shouldn't Go Natural & Reasons You Should

     Many people battle with this thoughts; should I go natural or should I not❓, would my hair grow back❓, what if it never grows again❓, What if I can’t handle it ❔….My dear calm down❕. 917 more words

Natural Hair

Guest Post: Kmia Kali

My Natural Journey

I started my natural hair journey my senior year at Eastern Michigan University 2014.

A little back story… I faithfully got my hair permed every 3-6 months prior to me going to college(high school). 499 more words

Black Community

Day 3: Why I Cut My Hair

I recently cut my hair. Short. Like a boy. A fvck boy to be honest, but no matter.

To many, it came as a shock which is understandable because I never expressed to people how badly I’ve wanted to cut my hair since 2014. 648 more words

K. Michelle Goes Bald!

K. Michelle cut all of her hair off! Last night on Instagram K. Michelle uploaded a pic of her new cut. Hot host Princess Stormm  105 more words

Stormm City

Why My Sister Cut Off All Her Hair

Let me preface this by saying that I believe that for many women, our hair is everything. Whether it’s short or long, braided or straight, weaved or natural, our hair defines who we are in a moment and time and helps other people determine who we are (or may be) and I’m no exception. 481 more words