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The Big Chop

On January 8, 2016, I’m finally doing it. I’m cutting off all my hair. It’s going to be so dope. Unless it turns out really bad.  161 more words


!The big chop

Let me tell you — this was something quite different/interesting for me…I’m learning many things about my hair each and everyday..I love this journey (I haven’t even been natural for a year yet; I did the big chop Mar 15); if you are on the fence about cutting your hair for natural hair; I say just do it ..you’ll see what I’m talking about — I LOVE MY 4C Hair! Will keep you posted: xx


Happy Anniversary to Meeee!

Do you know what today is? Its my ANNIVERSARY! Well.. I missed it by a day but you get the point. :) Two years ago yesterday, I sat in the chair and told the stylist CHOP IT ALL OFF. 190 more words

Natural Hair


I did the big chop on March 15,2015. Today is August 11, 2015 and I see great results… I’M LOVING IT!

Natural Hair

The Big Chop. It's time for yours.

Have you been noticing with each day more and more new naturals?  At first, you probably thought the same thing that I did. “What are these girls doing?  325 more words

Curly Hair

The Big Chop or To Transition?

Hey!!  Its been a bit since my last post. been caught up hustling but i did not forget our tresses so…..am back! Today i get to share about my Big Chop experience! 610 more words

Natural Hair

Kinky Twist & The Big Chop

Hello Everyone,

Over early summer I had decided to get kinky twist installed. I had it done for my Disney World trip that was during the third week of June. 224 more words