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By Kimberly Garcia
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For all of my life, I have always had long curly hair. People have always mentioned how much they remembered me because of my hair. 547 more words

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Why I 'Big Chopped', Well Sort Of

I finally did it. I shaved my head…well, just the sides, but I think that still counts. Many years ago, when I had decided to stop using chemical relaxers to straighten my hair, I transitioned into that process by growing out my relaxed ends. 991 more words

Natural Hair

 5 Reasons why You Shouldn't Go Natural & Reasons You Should

Many people battle with this thoughts; should I go natural or should I not❓, would my hair grow back❓, what if it never grows again❓, What if I can’t handle it ❔….My dear calm down❕. 974 more words

Natural Hair

Well....I did the big chop

Yes, you read correctly. My hair is a little longer than two inches and I am officially Team Naturalista.

It started out as a typical wash day and ended like this … 522 more words

I cut my own hair

I cut my hair. First resolution down! I actually crossed something off of my RRL. I can now rest all 2017. I did good. Woop! Woop! 971 more words


The Big Chop

Wherein Naomi shares her memories on chopping off her hair and her experiences of transitioning . 553 more words

Black Hair

All About The Hair. The Big Chop/Transition

Hey y’all! To start of, welcomeeeeeee to my blog! Today’s blog is all about my hair transition. Before I decided to cut my hair I was searching all over for YouTube videos and blog posts that went into depth about the pro’s and con’s of short hair. 871 more words