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Start of Something New

Guess who’s natural? That’s right! This… person! I went to the beauty salon and decided to go through with the Big Chop! It feels so weird going through this but I love it so much. 88 more words

The Big Chop

In the Beginning...

Hello, all!

I go by Hazel, and you can call me Haze for short. I’m learning how to be myself, and that means exploring gender and such. 169 more words


The journey continues.. naturally..

As I shared previously, I decided to go natural.

The problem with staying committed to the natural way is that my hair had so many textures from years and years of relaxers, brazilian treatments and colouring… My roots were super curly but i had lank, frizzy ends. 279 more words

Life And All That Jazz

The Chop

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

For all of my life, I have always had long curly hair. People have always mentioned how much they remembered me because of my hair. 547 more words

Web Content

Why I 'Big Chopped', Well Sort Of

I finally did it. I shaved my head…well, just the sides, but I think that still counts. Many years ago, when I had decided to stop using chemical relaxers to straighten my hair, I transitioned into that process by growing out my relaxed ends. 991 more words

Natural Hair

 5 Reasons why You Shouldn't Go Natural & Reasons You Should

Many people battle with this thoughts; should I go natural or should I not❓, would my hair grow back❓, what if it never grows again❓, What if I can’t handle it ❔….My dear calm down❕. 974 more words

Natural Hair

Well....I did the big chop

Yes, you read correctly. My hair is a little longer than two inches and I am officially Team Naturalista.

It started out as a typical wash day and ended like this … 522 more words