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Advanced Cooking - Day 41

December 1, 2016

Today was the big day!  And let me tell you it went great!

The dishes went out according to plan and with everything designated to each course with the small mishap of the kale and garlic chips; we were kind of rushed with the last course and plating it. 257 more words

CAHM 241 - Adv. Cooking

It's not to late to get Christmas organised!

It’s only 1st December and for some it feels like everyone else is far more organised for the 25th this year!

Don’t despair, there is still time (23 days to be exact!) and to help I have created a different kind of advent calendar… 73 more words


A Prayer of Thanks Before The Big Day


I thank you for your church, your bride. I thank you that she can stand pure before you. She has been s encouraging to me. 517 more words

It's your wedding, not theirs.

After a recent ceremony at the Mt. Washington Arboretum, I gave the bride some advice. Well, first I asked her if I could, acknowledging that she has probably received a ton of unsolicited words of wisdom lately! 141 more words

The Big Day.

Congratulations Teresa and Rob!

An absolutely amazing day with Teresa, Rob and their fun filled fantastic bridal party.

We started off at the grooms place, no short of a good laugh, these guys were a “one liner a minute”, then headed over to the brides, everyone of them just beautiful in every way. 166 more words

Only 25 Days Left!

It’s almost a scary thought, but only because I feel like there are so many little things left to figure out. Another reason it’s scary is because I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with myself and my time after the wedding… I’m so used to shopping for wedding decor or crafting items for the reception that I may develop a severe clothes shopping addiction because I won’t know what else to buy! 128 more words