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Short Story: THE BIG DAY, by Denise Phillips

Title of Story: The Big Day

Written by: Denise Phillips

Logline: A snail’s journey through an English historical town is hindered by a rather prestigious couples’ big day. 8 more words


The Royal Wedding ~ How Will You Spend The Day?

With more celebrities than you can shake a stick at  (don’t actually shake a stick at them, it will end up with you being sued and the Sun ‘Newspaper’ hounding you for an exclusive) the summer’s first major event is upon us. 821 more words


My Cup Runneth Over

In a quiet village not far from here, a modest church waits expectantly, its ancient stones imbibed with the breath of those who went before, grooms who faced the alter, bravely restraining an urge to pace the floor, brides who carefully swept down the aisle, eyes shining as a shy smile landed like a kiss on the groom’s lips. 597 more words

The Big Day by Cortney Joseph

Chris leaned against the wall, pulling at the bottom of the jacket of his suit as he watched Nina pace back and forth nervously. She’d been a wreck all morning, and knowing he was the only one that could calm her down, aside from Isaiah, Sierra and Deanna dragged Chris from the conversation he was having with a few of the other guests. 3,898 more words

Short Story

Sunny Winter Wedding Videos!

We were incredibly lucky filming at a wedding in February because in the midst of the ‘Beast from the East’ snowmageddon we had glorious sunshine for one day only, and especially for Jamie & Jo! 210 more words


5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

This past summer I got married! Quite honestly it was perfect and like most people, there were a few hiccups, but it ended magically… 1,236 more words


A very special day, for a very special dog. Coco.

On the  19th October we celebrated Coco’s 10th birthday.

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feels okay


Where are we?

theres a lizard here… 445 more words