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Countdown 25 days

R has been quite busy with classes these two days. I had the evening to myself yesterday as Pris cancelled on me due to deadlines. I had dinner at the food court and then went home to design a jpg file with directions to the wedding venue. 321 more words


Countdown 26 days

I reached home last night to see that my dad had started on the macrame piece. I’m really excited to see how it turns out. 272 more words

The Big Day

Countdown 27 days

We’re almost done giving out the invitation cards. There are just some for those we haven’t managed to catch in church and the ones for the bosses at JustEdu. 113 more words

The Big Day

Countdown 28 days

I disagree with R’s attitude sometimes, especially when duty calls and relationships are at stake. But I’m also learning that sometimes it’s better for me not to raise the issue immediately but allow God to speak first. 82 more words

The Big Day

Countdown 29 days

Joel and Cheryl stayed with us past midnight yesterday, discussing the plan for the wedding day and ironing out the details.

We had dinner at Cafe Melba, got acquainted with Natalie, and then proceeded to Siglap. 51 more words

The Big Day

Countdown 30 days

Wow. I can’t believe that the wedding is arriving very soon.

I’d be keeping a record of each day as I count down to the wedding day. 87 more words

The Big Day

As the wedding day draws near...

There is just about one more month before R and I get married. When he proposed to me in June last year, I didn’t think that just ten months later, we would be getting married! 650 more words

The Big Day