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Thank you, Taco Bell

To the random Taco Bell employee who waited on me yesterday: Thank you.

You see, when I went to grab a quick dinner with my brother and some of his friends, I was feeling pretty down. 331 more words


colourful athens pt 2

A tour of the city centre wasn’t complete without a visit to the market – the meat and fish market that is. I’ve spared you the horrors of the meat market. 151 more words

The Big Move

another pretty cafe

You may think this is a bit of deja vu and you’d be right. This is a cafe I visited last time I was in Greece. 121 more words

The Big Move

colourful athens pt 1

Its no secret that I love old things, old buildings and falling down broken stuff. I also love the contrast of the old crumbling homes in the center of Athens with the colourful graffiti that now covers everything. 159 more words

The Big Move

old school friends and some real music

You know what the real problem is with Greece?

Greek music.

Ok. And Greek TV…

Sure, not everyone is as addicted to the badly over-acted greek TV serials as the old girls are, and not everyone has to have some stupid program on ALL THE TIME with the whining greek music of the mainland. 445 more words

The Big Move

never too old for fairytales

Isn’t that the problem though? We believe in the fairytale of the prince on the big white horse who’ll save us from everything, and the happily ever after and the everything working out, the good guys get all the riches and happiness they deserve while the bad guys get punished. 475 more words

The Big Move


I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but I’m going to say it again. I really don’t like Athens. Its a dirty city. Too many cars. 664 more words

The Big Move